New York Times - May 27 2007

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Clues Answers
'Be on the lookout' messages, briefly APBS
'Ben-___' HUR
'Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion' author HUME
'Didn't I tell you?' SEE
'Let's Make a Deal' choice DOOR
'Peer ___' GYNT
'The Cosby Show' kid THEO
'The Terminator' heroine SARAH
1962 hit film whose climax is on Crab Key island DRNO
Actress Barbara Bel ___ GEDDES
Allen Ginsberg's 'Plutonian ___' ODE
Anne who wrote 'Abie's Irish Rose' NICHOLS
Arcade game inserts TOKENS
Attack once more REENGAGE
B.A. or M.A. offerer UNIV
Back on board AFT
Badlands landform MESA
Beast with a bugling call ELK
Bibliophile's love: Abbr. BKS
Blast BALL
Bow-wielding deity EROS
Brand name with an accent on its last letter RAGU
Breathing tube TRACHEA
Business with net gains? FISHERY
Buttonhole ACCOST
Character in many a joke STPETER
Closemouthed MUM
Common daisy OXEYE
Common pg. size LTR
Compared with RELATIVETO
Composer Scarlatti ALESSANDRO
Dangerous place to pass a car BEND
Deity credited with inventing the lyre HERMES
Despite this YET
Diets drastically FASTS
Does a certain dog trick BEGS
Drink suffix ADE
Elbow-bender SOT
First name in objectivism AYN
Fistfuls, say WADS
Five-Year Plan implementer, for short USSR
Get back to RSVP
Get fuel GASUP
Get stuck MIRE
Go from endangered to extinct DIEOFF
Goblet part STEM
Grain susceptible to ergot RYE
Gray AGE
Gullets MAWS
Hat trick component GOAL
Honoree's spot DAIS
Hula dancer's accessory LEI
Incumbent on UPTO
Inventive sorts? LIARS
Juvenal work SATIRES
Kia subcompact RIO
Language along the Mekong River LAO
Lhasa ___ APSO
Like Hoosier cabinets OAKEN
Line at the dentist's office? FLOSS
Little fellow TYKE
Main line AORTA
Many baseball card stats AVERAGES
Martini & Rossi offering ASTI
Clues Answers
Meant to attract AIMEDAT
Memo header INRE
Mens ___ REA
Miner's major problem CAVEIN
Missing broadcast channel ONE
Mr. ___, scheming vicar in 'Emma' ELTON
Mulling spice NUTMEG
Muppets' creator HENSON
Musical drama about a butcher who sells deer meat? THEMERCHANTOFVENISON
Musical drama about a man eating soup? PORGYANDBISQUE
Musical drama that tells the tale of a sausage casing? WURSTSIDESTORY
Musical play set at McDonald's? THEBURGERSOPERA
N.L. and A.L. city CHI
Nonhuman co-hosts of TV's 'Mystery Science Theater 3000' BOTS
Old cracker brand HIHO
Oliver of 'The West Wing' PLATT
Pageantry POMP
Palette globs OILS
Passport maker HONDA
Patronize, as a hotel STAYAT
Person who has something going on? WEARER
Pfizer product used before brushing the teeth PLAX
Phaser setting STUN
Place in the pecking order RANK
Play about a guy ordering beef from Dublin? ABIESIRISHROAST
Play about meat that's good to eat anytime? AHAMFORALLSEASONS
Play about swine intestines that are semidivine? CHITLINSOFALESSERGOD
Play about tenderizing meat with one's toes? BAREFOOTINTHEPORK
Pole, e.g. EUROPEAN
Popular quarry for British hunters FALLOWDEER
Possessed girl in 'The Exorcist' REGAN
Quite a ways FAR
Radio host John TESH
Reason to shout 'Eureka!' IDEA
Red spot on the skin MEASLE
Relations: Abbr. FAM
Retired number of Dodger Tommy Lasorda TWO
Ring holder TREE
Scorecard heading PAR
Shade of blue DENIM
Sickly-looking GREENISH
Sky light STAR
Slapstick missiles PIES
Slovenly abode STY
Some mantel pieces EWERS
Sprung LEAPT
Stage entertainment ACT
Steinway & ___ (piano maker) SONS
Stylin' HIP
Swearing-in phrase IDO
Symbol of hardness GRANITE
Take ___ at ASHOT
Talk, talk, talk: Var. YACK
The Isle of Man's Port ___ ERIN
Thermometer's terminus BULB
Tighten, say, as strings RELACE
Town largely destroyed by the Battle of Normandy CAEN
Trapper's prize PELT
U.S. bond market purchase TNOTE
University of Maine's home ORONO
Using VIA
W.W. I helmet, informally TINHAT
What you may call it NOUN
What, to Watteau QUOI
White sheet FLOE
Windsor princess MARGARET
Worn away ERODED
___ de Cologne EAU