The Telegraph - GENERAL CROSSWORD NO: 573 - Oct 26 2003

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Clues Answers
- - of Castile, Spanish wife of Edward I ELEANOR
Acronym for the western alliance NATO
Arctic whale BOWHEAD
Borough on mainland of New York City BRONX
Certificate of debt with fixed rate of interest BOND
Deprive of by deceit DEFRAUD
Engagement to marry BETROTHAL
English economist 1883-1946 (see 31 and 12 across) JOHN
Excessive dryness of the mouth Xerostomia
Give a serious scolding DRESSDOWN
Greek herald with a powerful voice STENTOR
Inquiry into sudden death INQUEST
Italian poet, author of Aminta TASSO
Largest country in Africa SUDAN
Look supposed to cause harm EVILEYE
Metallic element atomic no. 40 ZIRCONIUM
Mexican dollar PESO
Paper-making grass ESPARTO
Clues Answers
Peevish complaint WHINE
Projection on sole of football boot STUD
Reedless wind instrument FLUTE
Regulated investment company UNITTRUST
Reproachful language OBLOQUY
River flowing through Keswick GRETA
Room temperature regulator THERMOSTAT
South American fox-like wild dog ZORRO
Study of birds' eggs OOLOGY
Suffered a haemorrhage BLED
Thick black liquid TAR
Urban valley in South Wales RHONDDA
USSR city now St Petersburg LENINGRAD
Villain or rogue SCOUNDREL
White poplar ABELE