The Telegraph - CRYPTIC CROSSWORD NO: 23,636 - Jan 10 2002

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Clues Answers
Arch we stand on, agreeing with others INSTEP
Army sergeant-major with inner conflict SWARM
Bird giving nasty shock after dark NIGHTJAR
Black outfit for trendy travellers JETSET
Cardinal with standard signal to stop REDFLAG
Clown playing nonsense on promenade PIERROT
Crime with collusion that leads to prison work INSIDEJOB
Flatter, yellow flower deprived of carbon BUTTERUP
Fostered, having run true to form with daughter NURTURED
Gets a load of good wishes! REGARDS
Hectic competition in event on grass RATRACE
High spirits when hamper is ordered SERAPHIM
Immediate credit worked out DIRECT
Isaac trip badly, hanging on? PARASITIC
Job fashion as example for kids ROLEMODEL
Clues Answers
Make good progress with second rise MOTOR
Male outfits can make valets curse MENSWEAR
Neat propeller? DROVER
One in business representing pal, involved? No! SLEEPINGPARTNER
Prepared performances of fireworks displays SETPIECES
Rat on peach? SQUEAL
Rectangular column, the ultimate in a jetty PILASTER
Running out of stock, all at once STAMPEDE
Spot for outside broadcast to fill the bill OBSERVE
Spring back? Quail is here! RECOIL
Swindle amount of money that provides material for casts GYPSUM
The main wine of Lisbon, for example SEAPORT
Wattle that grows very well, coming up on two bills ACACIA
What is left on bearings can be injurious SINISTER