New York Times - Feb 10 2015

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Clues Answers
'Bye!' SEEYA
'Goodbye' ADIEU
'The Little Red ___' HEN
'The Star-Spangled Banner' opening OSAY
'___ kleine Nachtmusik' EINE
150 bushels an acre, e.g YIELD
37 bout results for Muhammad Ali, informally KOS
Amazed INAWE
Baseball's Mel OTT
Beatles record label APPLE
Blacken TAR
Blog entries POSTS
Blue shade TEAL
British gun STEN
Came up AROSE
Capital of Qatar DOHA
Caribbean percussion groups STEELBANDS
Center HUB
Checkpoint necessities IDS
Chop ___ SUEY
Concerning ASTO
Crack, as lips CHAP
Cries at a plaza de toros OLES
Dish with a little of this and a little of that STEW
Dollar : U.S. :: ___ : Cuba PESO
Fashion inits YSL
Flag carrier of Japan ANA
Former New York mayor Giuliani RUDY
Funny Poundstone PAULA
Furtive sort SNEAK
Garbage WASTE
George who signed the Declaration of Independence WYTHE
Half of humanity, to some feminists WOMYN
Have a silent role? MIME
Higgledy-piggledy AMOK
Hosp. areas where you might hear 'Scalpel, please' ORS
Hunts and pecks, e.g TYPES
Keg part TAP
Clues Answers
Like some country-and-western singing NASAL
Like two U.N. secretaries general ASIAN
Lowly workers PEONS
Make ___ meet ENDS
Movie ticket category ADULT
Nonfatty LEAN
One doing impressions APER
One with pointy ears ELF
Pants material CHINO
Part of N.B.A.: Abbr NATL
Place to see a Ferris wheel FAIR
Popular 1980s arcade game ASTEROIDS
Port-au-Prince's home HAITI
Possible result of owing money REPO
Prized mushroom MOREL
Put to good ___ USE
Related TOLD
Sarcastic 'Oh, sure' PSHAW
See 60-Down DAT
Ski resort whose name is an anagram of 34-Across TAOS
Snorkel, in 'Beetle Bailey': Abbr SGT
Stuck-up sort SNOOT
Susceptible to sunburn PALE
Take too much of, briefly ODON
The ailing golfer was .. WAYBELOWPAR
The ailing meteorologist was .. UNDERTHEWEATHER
The ailing postal worker was .. OUTOFSORTS
The ailing rock star was .. FEELINGPUNK
The ailing trash collector was .. INTHEDUMPS
Time after dusk, to poets EEN
Turns left, as a plow horse HAWS
Two, for binary arithmetic BASE
Typical western SHOOTEMUP
Where a redneck gets red NAPE
Where umpires umpire HOMEPLATES
With 61-Down, what 'dis' is? NOT
___ Martin ASTON
___-Rooter ROTO