New York Times - May 17 2007

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Clues Answers
'I'm working ___!' ONIT
'That ___ so bad' WASNT
1980 Bette Midler hit THEROSE
Await delivery anxiously PACE
Bayonet, e.g. STAB
Be very, very sorry CURSHEDAY
Begin SOUT
Belabor, with 'on' HARP
Bend at the barre PLIE
Big name in '60s counterculture LEARY
Bing Crosby's label DECCA
Bureau add-on? CRAT
Caught in ___ ALIE
City on Utah Lake OREM
Clear, in a way DEICE
Conflagrant AFIRE
Cover (over) PAPER
Crib component SLAT
Curtain call maker, maybe DIVA
Decimal BASEN
Deer ___ XING
Desert mount CAMEL
Downfall BANE
Duck's home POND
Fail to keep tabs on LOSRACKOF
Famed Ferrara family ESTE
Fertility clinic supply OVA
Footnote abbr. IBID
Former European money PESAS
French military hats KEPIS
Giant slalom's first Olympic venue OSLO
Golden Age poet OVID
Gym count REPS
Hardly a marksman POORSHOT
Hardy perennial PEONY
Hose hue ECRU
Hummus holder PITA
In pretty good shape TONED
Clues Answers
It may come from a crowd ROAR
It's not forked out SOUP
It's softer than quartz OPAL
Kind of prof. ASST
Koran topic ALLAH
Lightly pinch NIPAT
Like rabies VIRAL
Manhandle PAW
Much higher than normal FALSTO
Nautical stabilizer KEEL
No-loss, no-gain situation WASH
Not just laugh CACKLE
Not taking no for an answer ADAMANT
On tenterhooks EDGY
One of a noted nautical trio NINA
Ones with a family connection? SIAMESWINS
Patronage AUSPICES
Punish by fining AMERCE
Relative of Finnish LAPP
Relish TASTE
Rent-___ ACAR
Scrap STO
Send sprawling TRIP
Shrewd bargainers HORSRADERS
Single, for one: Abbr. SYN
Slowly or quickly: Abbr. ADV
Soil type LOAM
Special CD release ... or a hint to this puzzle's theme BOXEDSET
Specifies NAMES
Spell checker's find TYPO
Straight HETERO
Studious sort, and proud of it NERD
Takes root SSIN
The first Mrs. Woodrow Wilson ELLEN
Thrown out DEPORTED
Turn ___ ear ADEAF
Voracious AVID
___ ben Adhem ABOU