New York Times - Feb 4 2015

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Clues Answers
'Der Goldfisch' painter KLEE
'Fie!' BAH
'For sure!' YOUBET
'Good going, kid!' ATTABOY
'Here, try wearing this' PUTITON
'If you ask me,' in textspeak IMHO
'My bad' SOSORRY
'Ready when you are!' ALLSET
'The Prague Cemetery' author, 2010 ECO
46-Across tongue FARSI
Accept after a while ADAPTTO
Afflictions sometimes caused by sleep deprivation STYES
Airplane ticket info SEAT
Bicolor snack OREO
Bitsy pieces IOTAS
Bulgaria's capital SOFIA
Capital about 60 miles from the Caspian Sea TEHRAN
Chinese menu general TSO
Corporate department that offers support TECH
Dealt with SAWTO
Decimate a monastery's occupants? TAKEOUTORDER
Desk jockey's happy yell TGIF
Develop one's comedy acts? WORKOUTROUTINES
Didn't make the grade? FLUNKED
Et ___ (and others: Lat.) ALII
Eye an election official? CHECKOUTCOUNTER
Fires up EXCITES
Flattened KAYOED
Formal vote YEA
Glutted (on), briefly ODED
Good snorkeling locale REEF
Green card issuer, informally AMEX
Grp. with a co-pay HMO
Happily, old-style LIEF
Heavenly ring bearer? SATURN
High-and-mighty sort SNOOT
Hilton competitor HYATT
It might be sexual URGE
Clues Answers
Laid-back TYPEB
Let's say, informally SPOSE
Letters on some kits DIY
Letters on some kits CPR
Many Ph.D. candidates TAS
Musical Perry KATY
Overlord's domain FIEF
Paramedic's 'pronto' STAT
Parks' partner, familiarly REC
Popular color at Victoria's Secret HOTPINK
Prevarication LIE
Pricey pieces FINEART
Ready for service ONEA
Report card report MARKS
Rich European dessert TORTE
Safari vehicles? MACS
Separate, as oxen UNYOKE
Share, as a blog entry REPOST
Some still-life subjects EWERS
Specks MOTES
Speech coach's targets UMS
Spice Girl Halliwell GERI
Statement of confidence ICAN
Talk incessantly YAK
Tennis champion with the 2009 memoir 'Open' AGASSI
They may be paddled REARS
Tidal term NEAP
Unique ALONE
Warning shouted to a lacrosse defenseman? LOOKOUTPOINT
With one's head in the clouds? TALL
Word choice? FONT
Word repeated in ___ City, ___ IOWA
___ Midway USS
___ Modern (London museum) TATE
___ sauce SOY