- Feb 3 2015

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Clues Answers
''That is to say . . .'' IMEAN
An hour before 9 Across ONE
Angry MAD
Aroma ODOR
Atlas closeup INSET
Be jealous of ENVY
Beseeched PLED
Biggest sports stars, for short MVPS
Blizzard, essentially SNOW
Boarded a bus GOTON
Brit's farewell TATA
Cleans off with a rag DUSTS
Coal source MINE
Cow sounds MOOS
Diner listing MENU
Dragged from behind TOWED
Early afternoon hr TWOPM
Easily fooled NAIVE
Facts, for short INFO
Farmland measure ACRE
Fine dinnerware CHINA
Frame of mind MOOD
Frequently ALOT
Gets close to NEARS
Halo wearer ANGEL
Hereditary INNATE
High-IQ club MENSA
Home for Adam and Eve EDEN
In a few minutes SOON
Jacuzzis SPAS
Japanese bean curd TOFU
Javelin SPEAR
Jump into a pool DIVE
Lamb's mother EWE
Large brass instrument TUBA
Lavish party GALA
Leave out OMIT
Lines of automatic-weapon firers MACHINEGUNNESTS
Clues Answers
Lofty goals IDEALS
London or Louisville CITY
Looks at SEES
Made fun of TEASED
Make broader WIDEN
National bird EAGLE
Not fooled by ONTO
Org. for those 50+ AARP
Out of danger SAFE
Polished, as a floor WAXED
Poor grade DEE
Prepares to go on stage WAITSINTHEWINGS
Sky color BLUE
Sort of steak TBONE
Stare at OGLE
Still in effect VALID
Stitched up SEWN
Strike with an open hand SLAP
Subsides EBBS
Taboo thing NONO
Tax expert: Abbr CPA
Tomato-paste holder TINCAN
Totally lacking OUTOF
Unlawful activity CRIME
Untidy condition MESS
Walked on TROD
Walking __ (elated) ONAIR
Wander around ROVE
Web spinner SPIDER
Well-behaved GOOD
Wheel shafts AXLES
When planes are due in: Abbr ETAS
When the sun rises ATDAWN
Wimbledon rankings, for instance TOURNAMENTSEEDS
Wrinkly fruit PRUNE
__ and aahs OOHS
__ and breakfast inn BED
__ in the woods (27 Down person) BABE