L.A. Times Daily - Feb 1 2015

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Clues Answers
"... the __-coloured ink": Shak EBON
"Breaking Bad" Emmy winner Gunn ANNA
"Day __": 1969 Peter, Paul and Mary hit ISDONE
"The Chew" co-host Hall CARLA
"__ Fideles" ADESTE
"__ your father" GOASK
108-card game UNO
1970 Poitier title role TIBBS
Action film staples STUNTS
Angiogram image AORTA
Animal that doesn't sound very interesting BOAR
Apple polisher TOADY
Author Wharton EDITH
Bar order DOUBLE
Baseball family name ALOU
Basement buildup JUNK
Bears' org NFC
Blizzard in Birmingham? SNOWFLUKE
Blood line VEIN
Blood work charges LABFEES
Bloodhound asset NOSE
Blowup: Abbr ENL
Break down slowly ERODE
Brought out EVOKED
Calendrical brink EVE
Call on VISIT
Came down with GOT
Caravan mount CAMEL
Carefully controlled refrigerant FREON
Cell user PRISONER
Colorado-based brewery COORS
Common product in Super Bowl ads BEER
Confirmation, e.g RITE
Corkers? IRISH
Cowardly lion, once? YELLOWCUB
Dating concerns for teens CURFEWS
David Cameron's alma mater ETON
Defensive hoops tactic PRESS
Detests ABHORS
Driving need? TEE
Dull thing to be in ARUT
Enjoy a home-cooked meal DINEIN
Enjoys the sun BASKS
Ever so slightly AWEEBIT
Every seven days AWEEK
Expressive dance HULA
Faddish gift that has ranged from kittens to crocodiles CHIAPET
Farm fraction ACRE
First name in architecture EERO
First name in late-night CONAN
Fiscal __ YEAR
Flowery tribute ODE
Fluffy accessory BOA
Follower of directions? ERN
Followers' suffix ISTS
Fool, with "up" TRIP
Fresh bean sprout? NEWIDEA
Fundraiser's call list ALUMS
Garage capacity ONECAR
Geometry subject PLANE
Guess STAB
Hang on the line AIRDRY
Hate the thought of DREAD
In a mood TESTY
Inclusive school acronym ELHI
Industry mogul CZAR
Initiate BEGIN
Is down with HAS
Item worn diagonally SASH
Kind of artery RENAL
Clues Answers
Lackawanna's lake ERIE
Laudable WORTHY
Library, e.g LENDER
Like Arizona's typical climate ARID
Like many metal joints WELDED
Linen shades ECRUS
Long-eared equines ASSES
Los Angeles-based ISP NETZERO
Macbeth's burial site IONA
Mail-routing abbr ATTN
Make mention of CITE
Manner of moving GAIT
Microsoft search engine BING
Military drill syllable HUP
Modern prefix with fill AUTO
Most miles logged in a pickup, say? TRUCKRECORD
Motor oil letters SAE
Mutual respect COMITY
Nautical poles SPARS
Ones that tip a lot CANOES
Out of practice RUSTY
Oz. sextet TSPS
Peak near Messina ETNA
Pitchers may hold them ICEDTEAS
Play the wrong golf ball, say ERR
Prismatic bone ULNA
Prospector's close attachment to his helper? MULEBONDING
Punter's statistic HANGTIME
Quarters ABODE
Raid discovery KILO
Rap sheet entry ALIAS
Recluse HERMIT
Reservation for an upper berth? BUNKDEPOSIT
Respectful reply NOSIR
Rhine tributary AAR
Rhone tributary ISERE
Safe document DEED
Salon supply DYE
Salvage crew member DIVER
Sault __ Marie STE
School attachment? YARD
Scrolling convenience ARROWKEY
Season opener? ESS
Shack made of aluminum wrap? TINFOILHUT
Sign of a barbecuer's inattention? SMOKINGBUN
Signs up JOINS
Singer/songwriter Travis TRITT
Son of Isaac ESAU
Speak indistinctly SLUR
Storage spot SHED
Subway selection ONIONS
Suffix with techno- PHOBE
Taper off ABATE
Taylor of "Six Feet Under" LILI
Three-time A.L. batting champ Tony OLIVA
Tough tissue SINEW
Trudge SLOG
Turf maintenance brand TORO
Type smaller than pica ELITE
Uses Elmer's on once more REGLUES
Vessel that inspires ideas? THINKINGCUP
Virus in 2014 news EBOLA
Warts and all ASIS
Washington's Sea-__ Airport TAC
Weeper of myth NIOBE
Where to find stories on Friday? DRAGNET
Wide margin MILE
Word with circle or city INNER
Worshipper of the sun god Inti INCA
Yawning, perhaps SLEEPY
__ d'Alene COEUR