The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic 26008 - January 29, 2015

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Clues Answers
A retired gent unexpectedly back in the corporation? REINTEGRATED
Antelope ultimately lacking energy's run through IMPALE
Bad driver booked, carrying gunners among 50 people aboard TRAINLOAD
Border chicken crossing the road? HEMIN
Coaxed wife and daughter inclined to go outside WHEEDLED
Concentrate, catching what the strained bill settler shows? PAYATTENTION
Conservative fast food, thoroughly reliable BLUECHIP
Counterfeit pound secures present without query UNOPPOSED
Drink shunned by old city dissenters going into another state LIQUEFACTION
Drink? Bachelor ready for it BRANDY
Duo finally put in charge before a game PELOTA
Fish that hurt dog SHADOW
Foodie's irrational remedy no Scots should return without EPICUREAN
In oasis when horse leaves, see small rodent WATERVOLE
Clues Answers
Labour leader of country's moving to the right PAINS
Landowner grabbing tail of rather large rodent SQUIRREL
Musician's wary, heading off, returning after short time MINSTREL
Not much left that poet's penned HARDLY
Note winged creature crawling up part of leaf MIDRIB
On both sides of line, squad's not yet fired UNLIT
Patron's first name omitted from material introduced into court CLIENT
Pioneer travelling through time runs into French city AVIATRIX
Queen departs from East for N African capital DINAR
Second charge not at all apt BACKWARD
State supporting women's clothing for male guide DRAGOMAN
Tarry, retreating in line, resolved not to be taken in INEDIBLE
Wish joy to count, at large after release CONGRATULATE
With king away, soldier's defiled Arthurian queen ISOLDE