Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Feb 6 2015

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Clues Answers
'Finding ' NEMO
'Hi, sailor!' AHOY
Acclimatize INURE
Acknowledge AVOW
Alternative to glossy MATTE
Anger RILE
Barack's 2012 rival MITT
Beethoven piece SONATA
Burn aid ALOE
Charlie Parker's nickname BIRD
Clock part PENDULUM
Coffee shop vessel URN
Company emblems LOGOS
Couple, in a gossip column ITEM
Crazy DAFT
Crucial component LINCHPIN
Defense headquarters PENTAGON
Depletes of strength SAPS
Earthenware pot OLLA
Expert PRO
Far (Pref.) TELE
Flightless bird EMU
Foot part SOLE
Granny KNOT
Greatly ALOT
Hardly snug BAGGY
Implore PRAY
Information NEWS
Jungfrau's range ALPS
Lerner's collaborator LOEWE
Logical SANE
Clues Answers
Lunch hour NOON
Make tea BREW
Marseilles monarch ROI
Met melody ARIA
Miss Piggy's pronoun MOI
Ms. Mendes EVA
Musical 'repeat' symbol SEGNO
Oft-tattooed word MOM
Piercing tool AWL
Playwright David RABE
Press IRON
Proclivity PENCHANT
Pump up the volume AMP
Rainout coverup TARP
Ravishing GORGEOUS
Raw rock ORE
Revue segment SKIT
Sandwich treat OREO
Smothers Brothers and others DUOS
Specialized vocabulary ARGOT
Standard PAR
Travail WOE
Turf SOD
Type of club GOLF
Uppity sort SNOB
Vacillate YOYO
Weevil's target BOLL
Western resort lake TAHOE
Whodunit story line PLOT
Wife of Odysseus PENELOPE
Wrap up END
Young swan CYGNET