Universal - Jan 25 2015

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Clues Answers
"Acid" drug LSD
"Golly gee whiz!" YOWIE
"Maja" paintings GOYAS
"Seinfeld" character Kramer COSMO
"She loves me ___" NOT
"So what ___ is new?" ELSE
"Thelma & ___" LOUISE
"__ a Darkness" (Johnny Cash cover) ISEEA
"___, vegetable or mineral?" ANIMAL
'70s fashion statement BELLBOTTOMS
Acquire through hard work EARN
Actor Gibson MEL
Alaska or Texas, e.g STATE
Anise-flavored liqueur PERNOD
Any day now SOON
Arrests NABS
Australia's ___ Rock AYERS
Avian creature BIRD
Became ashen PALED
Beliefs, for short ISMS
Bravo or Lobo RIO
Brown brew ALE
Caribbean island CURACAO
Carnival feature RIDE
Certain Ivy League student ELI
Chip that starts a pot ANTE
Conger EEL
Cupid, to Greeks EROS
Deep, narrow pass GORGE
Despicable SCUMMY
Do architectural work DESIGN
Double plays yield two OUTS
Drink with marshmallows COCOA
Eucalyptus, for one GUMTREE
Excessively ornate FLORID
Extra-extra-wide shoes EEES
Farm baby LAMB
Feel under par AIL
Clues Answers
Finger-cymbal clanger BELLYDANCER
Fireplace toss-in LOG
Flock's place LEA
Frontiersman Daniel BOONE
Gambling involving pingpong balls LOTTO
George of the Baseball Hall of Fame SISLER
Ghana gelt CEDI
Giving off light LUCENT
Glossy shine LUSTER
Group that might strike UNION
Halloween month OCTOBER
Hard worker DRUDGE
Jamie ___ Curtis LEE
Kind of arrangement FLORAL
Kind of lily CALLA
Large ocean vessel LINER
Leading the pack AHEAD
Like slowing taxis HAILED
Make a small boat move ROW
Marina ___ Rey, Calif DEL
More avant-garde EDGIER
Mother of 1-Across EWE
No-wind location, nautically ALEE
Place for a trapped rat? LAB
Practices boxing SPARS
Schmooze (with) HOBNOB
School singing club GLEE
Sixth sense ESP
Start a boxing round RINGTHEBELL
Stomach soother, briefly BICARB
Tristan's beloved ISOLDE
Twice, in music BIS
U.S. symbol of freedom LIBERTYBELL
Various potting soils, essentially DIRTS
Wire-tapping device BUG
Yepremian of football lore GARO