New York Times - Jan 25 2015

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Clues Answers
'Beautiful!' NICEONE
'Dallas' family name EWING
'I don't need to hear that,' informally TMI
'Lemme ___!' ATEM
'Let's stop fighting, O.K.?' TRUCE
'Over There' subj WWI
'The Family Circus' cartoonist Keane BIL
'Them's fightin' words!' ITSWAR
'There was the time ...' IREMEMBER
'Those wreaths all look the same to me!'? ICANNOTTELLALEI
'Warm' NEAR
'Watch it!' HEY
'Whirlybird' source MAPLETREE
'With Reagan' memoirist EDMEESE
'___ happens ...' ASIT
Alternative to JFK LGA
Ancient galley TRIREME
Appointment book PLANNER
Asked to come back, in a way ENCORED
Attentive dog owner PETTER
Attire GARB
Away, in a way ONLEAVE
Backwoods con? AGIN
Ban competition ARRID
Big brother ABBOT
Big ___ SUR
Campaign grps PACS
Canine cousin MOLAR
Caspian Sea feeder URAL
Castigate REAMOUT
Caution to an orphan girl not to leave her wildebeest behind? ANNIEGETYOURGNU
Cheap roadside assistance? AQUARTERTOTOW
Commercial lead-in to Pen EPI
Confidentially SUBROSA
Convention closing? EER
Cutlass model of the 1980s-'90s CIERA
D halved CCL
Devote SPEND
Did a 1930s dance LINDIED
Did some edgy writing? DOODLED
E.R. 'A.S.A.P.' STAT
Embroidery loop PICOT
Emulated Diana Ross (1970) and Justin Timberlake WENTSOLO
Enter stealthily CREEPIN
Fifth Avenue retailer SAKS
Fitting one inside the other NESTING
Fix, as some lawn chairs RECANE
Former A.L. manager who was an N.L. M.V.P TORRE
French sister SOEUR
Gen ___ XERS
Geometric figures AREAS
Get together UNITE
Group of actors who all have stage fright? SCAREDYCAST
Hairstyle that usually involves clips or pins UPSWEEP
Have a big mouth? YAWN
Have legs LAST
Heavyweight bouts? SUMO
Help to secure a loan, maybe COSIGN
Himalayan myth YETI
How long it takes mountains to form EONS
In a bad way ILLY
Indigo Girls, e.g DUO
Intuit SENSE
Janvier, across the Pyrenees ENERO
Kiss drummer Peter CRISS
Knockoff dress labeled 'Armani,' say? ILLEGALALINE
Clues Answers
Law school class TORTS
Lead-in to meter ODO
Less loopy SANER
Like the Parthenon PILLARED
Liqueur flavorers ANISES
Longtime Yankee nickname AROD
Lovely but stupid person? OBTUSEANGEL
Luxor Temple deity AMENRA
Many a critic's preference AISLESEAT
March org.? ROTC
Middle of summer? EMS
Mistakes SLIPUPS
Mrs., abroad SRA
N.J. Army base FTDIX
National Do Not Call Registry overseer, for short FTC
Natural UNDYED
One in a tight spot? SARDINE
One small sip ATASTE
Per ___ DIEM
Pig sounds SQUEALS
Points in the right direction ORIENTS
Popular après-ski place SAUNA
Popular Hispanic newspaper name ELSOL
Product that's hard to keep in stock HOTITEM
Put away EAT
Race in classic science fiction ELOI
Rally killers in baseball: Abbr DPS
Reach the Mediterranean, say? PASSGO
Ready followers? SETGO
Reeves of 'John Wick' KEANU
Remote button MUTE
Republican politico Michael STEELE
Rider's handful MANE
Roxy Music co-founder ENO
Ryan of old TV IRENE
Sales force, informally REPS
Satisfies MEETS
Secure, as a sailor's rope BELAY
Senile sort DOTARD
Setting for most of 'Moby-Dick' OPENSEA
She's asked 'When will those clouds all disappear?' in a 1973 #1 hit ANGIE
Showing less cleavage? RAISINGTHEBRA
Silents star Bara THEDA
Skip town LAM
Something hard to drink? CIDER
Son of, in foreign names IBN
Spot in the afternoon? TEA
Start of a conclusion THUS
Start of an oral listing of African nations, perhaps? YOUVEGOTMALI
Stick in a rack CUE
Straight, now TRUED
Subway Series team METS
Summers on the Seine ETES
Superbright NEON
Supply with weaponry ARM
Suspect duplicity SMELLARAT
Texas home of the Bears BAYLOR
They may be bookmarked URLS
They put points on the board SCORERS
Trojan horse, e.g RUSE
U.S. city whose name becomes another city's name if you change both its vowels to A's TEMPE
VCR button REW
Western vacation spot DUDERANCH
Where many people may follow you TWITTER
Winter carnival attraction ICEPALACE
___ black COAL