L.A. Times Daily - Jan 24 2015

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Clues Answers
"Almost ready!" ONESEC
"Frère Jacques," e.g CANON
"Roger that" IREADYOU
"Walkabout" director Nicolas ROEG
"__ Down In Darkness": Styron novel LIE
Aquatic plant that reduces erosion BAYGRASS
Call before a head-to-head contest ENGARDE
Cathedral feature CRUCIFIX
City on the Rhone ARLES
Covers COATS
Daughter of Oceanus TELESTO
Dismiss, in a way WAVEAT
Drive in the bedroom? LIBIDO
Fashion first name COCO
Filing aid DIVIDER
Forest coat MOSS
Forms a new state SECEDES
Fruit sometimes fried PLANTAIN
Fuel __: reactor component ROD
Full of vitality GOGO
Gets absorbed SINKSIN
Greeting words NICETOMEETYOU
Hardly keeps cool SEESRED
Heartfelt class? AEROBICS
Installments EPISODES
Lighter LAMP
Lightweight boxer? PUP
Like expressions? SIMILES
Like some fancy stationery EMBOSSED
Like some pasta HOMEMADE
Clues Answers
Lincoln Center locale WESTSIDE
Little projectiles BBS
Local theater, informally NABE
Many boomers: Abbr SRS
Meg, to Jo SIB
Monopoly acquisition DEED
More rare, in a way BLOODIER
More than not sure about ONTO
Not square HIP
Nutritionist's unit CALORIE
One of an elite eatery trio MICHELINSTAR
Plastic surgeon's concern SCAR
Prefix meaning "sacred" HIERO
Purposes ENDS
Rabbit predators STOATS
Reacted to a sock REELED
Redcap's workplace: Abbr STN
Reduced to ashes BURNEDUP
Rock __ SALT
Run using water, as a plant HYDROELECTRIC
Scotch serving DRAM
Spots for private shoppers?: Abbr PXS
Subject of a 1996 holiday craze TICKLEMEELMO
Sword's superior? PEN
They have plots NOVELS
Traditional beverage EGGNOG
Unsettled items IOUS
Venerable ESTEEMED
Words with throw or have AFIT
__ Redman, Gary Sinise's role in Stephen King's "The Stand" STU
__ se PER