- Jan 23 2015

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Clues Answers
''Peanuts'' plaint RATS
''To Kill a Mockingbird'' nickname BOO
''__ Finest Hour'' (Churchill book) THEIR
31 Down person SCRAG
A little change DIME
Advice to the photog? TAKEYOURPIC
All the time ALWAYS
Baby hippo CALF
Beds in tents COTS
Before, to Brutus ANTE
Big wheels' wheels LIMO
Bona fide TRUE
Burdening physician? LOADINGDOC
Cartridge contents INK
Clammy DAMP
Cross swords DUEL
Cry of dread YIKES
Defeat soundly LICK
Elton John Broadway score AIDA
Emotionless STONY
Exuberance ZEST
Fair grade CPLUS
First 007 film DRNO
Frosty ICY
Gadabout RAMBLER
Gets quick cash for HOCKS
Gets snug NESTS
Golden Rule word UNTO
Gossip about DISH
Group of authors? WRITERSBLOC
Inflationary paths SPIRALS
Inflexible SET
Insincere talk CANT
Irish actor REA
Kipling's birthplace INDIA
Kona cookout LUAU
Latch (onto) GLOM
Leave off OMIT
Locations PLACES
Clues Answers
Mail drops SLOTS
Mark time WAIT
Member of Apple's board ALGORE
Narrow strip of land NECK
Needle bearers FIRS
November birthstone TOPAZ
Of punishment PENAL
Operatic prince IGOR
Overtake a Tampa Bay player? PASSTHEBUC
Permeable POROUS
Physician's patron STLUKE
Preposterous INANE
Purposeless IDLE
Québec crony AMI
Raise the roof YELL
Raise the roof ERUPT
Recital piece ARIA
Researched in depth DUG
Sector AREA
Send forth EMIT
Serbian tennis great SELES
Shade of green or blue NILE
Showed discomfort GRIMACED
Skinny LEAN
Solemn approval AMEN
Sound again CURED
Soup holder TINCAN
Sour-tasting ACID
South American capital LIMA
Symbols of elusiveness EELS
Tedious task CHORE
Unified ONE
Volunteer's offer IWILL
Wed in haste ELOPE
Whitman work POEM
Women's tour grp LPGA
Worried walker PACER
Wrap preferred by PETA FAKEFUR