Jonesin' - Jan 22 2015

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Clues Answers
'Cold as Ice' and 'Hot Blooded' group FOREIGNER
'Community' actress ___ Nicole Brown YVETTE
'Huuuuuuuh?!' WHATTHE
'Is this ___?' NORMAL
'Let me at 'em!' IMALLREADY
'No can do, Dostoyevsky' NYET
'Oh!' in Osnabruck ACH
'The Two ___' (Martha Finley children's book) ELSIES
'Uncle!' IQUIT
1988 Bruce Hornsby hit, with 'The' VALLEYROAD
1994 hit off Live's album 'Throwing Copper' IALONE
All together, musically TUTTI
Appeases, as hunger SATES
Aquarium fish NEONTETRAS
Art lovers AESTHETES
Baseball and football star Sanders DEION
Big earthenware jar OLLA
Carla's surname on 'Cheers' TORTELLI
Cartoon father of octuplets APU
Company that merged with Time-Warner AOL
Dollop DAB
Follow up on ___ ALEAD
French lane ALLEE
Got the carpet all gross DIRTIED
Having a pH below 7 ACID
He's often seen up late JIMMYFALLON
Head honcho JEFE
Heart link AORTA
How you feel after a much-needed rest REJUVENATED
Image created before drinking? LATTEART
In an ambiguous way EQUIVOCALLY
Ironic nickname for a hairy guy BALDIE
Clues Answers
Is uncertain to, in a fancy tone MIGHTNT
It folds in a chair LAP
Key lime, e.g PIE
Light and dark ice cream flavor FUDGERIPPLE
Little toy, for instance? PUP
London music producer Yoad ___ (reverses to something in the kitchen) NEVO
Lord ___ Baratheon ('Game of Thrones' character) (anagram of ROSY) ORYS
Mag that covers blue material (hidden in KAVNER) AVN
Mecca trekker HAJI
NFL gains YDS
Org. that's hosted Errol Flynn, Wayne Newton and Stephen Colbert USO
Place for December purchases TREELOT
Posed for pics SAT
Potatoes named for their state IDAHOS
Quality of some body tissues ADIPOSENESS
Rare blood type ANEGATIVE
Religious circles? HALOS
Share a facility COLOCATE
Shield behind a wheel MUDGUARD
Simple pretzel shapes RODS
Slides, handouts, etc. for a speaker's audience VISUALAIDS
Some small businesses, for short LLPS
Star of 'Gimme a Break!' NELLCARTER
Street ___ (rep) CRED
Taj Mahal's setting AGRA
Tiny red salad item GRAPETOMATO
Total assortment? CEREALS
Weightlifter's abbr LBS
With 'The,' 2012 Jessica Biel thriller TALLMAN
___ salts BATH