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Clues Answers
'-- Rides Again' (old western film) DESTRY
'À votre --!' SANTE
'Absolutely out of the question!' ATHOUSANDXNO
'Dear Yoko' dedicatee ONO
'For shame!' TUTTUT
'Give -- buzz' MEA
'Hardcore Pawn' network TRUTV
'Judging Amy' co-star TYNEDALY
'Out with the old, in with the new' XARECHANGING
'Rescue us!' SOS
'Who am -- judge?' ITO
'Wow!' OOH
-- -la TRA
-- -ray BLU
-- Green (old eloping site) GRETNA
-- mot BON
1978 #1 hit sung by Lionel Richie THREEXALADY
1982 coming-of-age comedy FASTXATRIDGEMONTHIGH
Actor Milo OSHEA
Actresses Charlotte and Cassidy RAES
Almost here NEAR
Auto rental add-on GPS
Ballpoint fills INKS
Bean holder POD
Biathlon pair SKIS
Caesar of TV SID
Calendar unit YEAR
Classic Jaguar XKE
Cup edge LIP
Debtor's slip IOU
Design theme MOTIF
Dickens novel opener ITWASTHEBESTOFX
Didn't get a choice HADTO
Ding-a- -- (dopes) LINGS
Dutch beer AMSTEL
Excoriate SCATHE
Exploring aid MAP
Extra-large JUMBO
Eye irritation STYE
First dynasty of China XIA
Fishing lines SNELLS
Forearm bones ULNAE
Garr of films TERI
Gem mined in Australia OPAL
Give a hand AID
Gorilla studier Dian FOSSEY
Gridiron stat TDS
Grotesque UGLY
Hall & Oates, e.g DUO
Happening by chance FLUKY
Idaho county ADA
Infant cries WAHS
Information stand, often KIOSK
Inside looks? XRAYS
Inspired stuff AIR
Interior look DECOR
John of song ELTON
Jumble MIX
Junked stuff TRASH
Just barely ATAD
King, in Toulouse ROI
L minus IX XLI
Laid-back sort TYPEB
Large town with a harbor PORTCITY
Lay to rest INTER
Leigh of 'Psycho' JANET
Lesser than UNDER
Let out of a cage UNPEN
Like a stud MACHO
Clues Answers
Like pre-1991 Russ SOV
Liquidy gunk GOO
Lose all power DIE
Major fad MANIA
Makes irate STEAMS
Manhattan's 229 West 43rd Street, familiarly XSQUAREBUILDING
Many Nam vets' kids XERS
Mello -- (soft drink) YELLO
Mil. morale booster USO
Mont Blanc, for one ALP
N.J. borough FTLEE
Negative particle ANION
Not friendly ALOOF
Not old, in Germany NEU
Nullify REPEAL
Nuptial beginning PRE
Ovenware glass PYREX
Parade site AVENUE
Paris' river SEINE
Part of CBS: Abbr SYS
Part of NCAA: Abbr ATH
Participating INIT
Perfected HONED
Plant tissue XYLEM
Playa -- Rey DEL
Pluralized -y, often IES
Poppy drug OPIUM
Post-lecture session, for short QANDA
Pound sound ARF
Prefix with cycle TRI
Prefix with cycle UNI
Pricey STEEP
Prince in 'Aladdin' ALI
Pulls up into a fold TUCKS
Rapper -- Rida FLO
Recent prefix? NEO
Ring out PEAL
Rove (about) GAD
Ruin the secret BLAB
Salt's call AHOY
Sandra of 'Gidget' DEE
Says again and again ITERATES
See 117-Down SLANT
Sewing -- KIT
Shop with cold cuts DELI
Shrub with milky latex SPURGE
Sleuth's cry AHA
Slipper, say SHOE
Soused LIT
Start of a parent's rebuke to an insistent kid HOWMANYXHAVEITOLDYOU
Stitch again RESEW
Suffered misfortune FELLONHARDX
Suffix with Balkan ITE
Sum total AMOUNT
Texter's 'No way!' OMG
That is, in Latin IDEST
Tonys' kin OBIES
Trims, as text EDITS
TV plugs ADS
Unit of naval vessels FLOTILLA
Up to, shortly TIL
Villains' looks SNEERS
Wall St. takeover LBO
Watchword MOTTO
Wilkes- --, Pennsylvania BARRE
With 52-Across, tilted ONA
With direct ancestry LINEALLY
Withdrawn painkiller from Merck VIOXX
Zippo NIL