- Jan 18 2015

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Clues Answers
''A likely story!'' ASIF
''Downton Abbey'' title LORD
''Grey's Anatomy'' airer ABC
''Steady as __ goes'' SHE
16th-century pope PIUSIV
17-syllable verse HAIKU
3-D figures SOLIDS
Abstainer NONUSER
Action-film weapon UZI
Actress Lindsay LOHAN
Alexandria's river NILE
Alias, for short NOM
Athlete's best effort AGAME
Atoll enclosure LAGOON
Auctions off SELLS
Australian boots UGGS
Authorize ALLOW
Away at the moment NOTIN
Babble YAP
Baby's parent DADA
Big name in farm machines DEERE
Blood component SERUM
Brain, so to speak NOODLE
British conservative TORY
Cardinal or strawberry RED
Catch in a trap SNARE
Chopped down AXED
Class for would-be bilinguals: Abbr ESL
Clip-on device PAGER
College application portion ESSAY
Common magician prop HAT
Consecutively INAROW
Country singer McEntire REBA
Crafts carried by Lewis and Clark CANOES
Delicately patterned LACY
Does a Daffy Duck impression LISPS
Eddie Murphy colleague in ''Beverly Hills Cop'' JUDGEREINHOLD
Edison rival TESLA
Element to the left of carbon BORON
Evergreen tree YEW
Facing a pitcher ATBAT
Failing that ELSE
False move FAKE
Felt remorse about RUED
Fire extinguisher output FOAM
Fit perfectly SUITTOATEE
For the sake of argument SUPPOSE
Foretelling BODING
Former foe of Frazier and Foreman ALI
Gets the better of DEFEATS
Good purpose AVAIL
Gulf War missile SCUD
Hair net SNOOD
Hair over the forehead BANGS
Half-rectangle shapes ELLS
Handed over, as territory CEDED
Healthy look GLOW
Hispanic neighborhoods BARRIOS
Identical SAME
Illegal inducement BRIBE
In the company of, in Cornwall AMONGST
Israeli novelist AMOSOZ
Jazz instruments SAXES
Joint protection KNEEPAD
Kitchen accessory MITT
Lamborghini alternative FERRARI
Look after SEETO
Love, in Venice AMORE
Make sense of GRASP
Male mallard DRAKE
Clues Answers
Massive quantity TON
Medieval invaders of Europe TATARS
Mental disposition MOOD
Military lookout SENTINEL
Mo. with no holidays AUG
Mocking remark GIBE
MPG monitor EPA
Mr. Flintstone FRED
Mr. Potato Head piece LIPS
Museum on the Right Bank LOUVRE
Nassau's nation BAHAMAS
National sport of Japan SUMO
Native Canadian INUIT
Natural balm ALOE
Neighborhood eatery BARANDGRILL
Nervous activity PACING
NL West team ARI
Oktoberfest dances POLKAS
Old-school engine power STEAM
Onetime Iranian ruler SHAH
Part of a kite or comet TAIL
Parts of strollers LEGRESTS
Physicals, for instance EXAMS
Prefix for classical NEO
Prepare to seal, as an envelope MOISTEN
Prerequisites NEEDS
Rapper on ''Law & Order: SVU'' ICET
Rather late bedtime ONEAM
Reachable by 59 Across ONCALL
Ready for battle ARMED
Regarding INRE
Revere, in a Longfellow poem RIDER
Rival of Helena ESTEE
Russian's refusal NYET
Second chance DOOVER
Serengeti primate BABOON
Snow coaster SLED
Sound enhancer HEARINGAID
Sound scared GASP
South Pacific explorer COOK
Spanish king REY
Stadium sound ROAR
Stage scenery SETS
State bordering Bavaria SAXONY
State one's views OPINE
Store-window posting: Abbr HRS
Subject of Caesar ROMAN
Surfer's concern TIDE
Tablet download EBOOK
Tach reading RPM
Temple affirmation AMEN
Test-drive cars DEMOS
Thorn in one's side BANE
Totaled RANTO
Turns sour GOESBAD
TV clown of yore BOZO
Two-purpose DUAL
Unsigned: Abbr ANON
Urban ways: Abbr STS
Useful example CASEINPOINT
Valjean creator HUGO
Variety of Mideast orange JAFFA
Verdi masterwork AIDA
Vest pocket FOB
Visibility reducer HAZE
Volt competitor PRIUS
Wear away ERODE
Wee, informally LIL
What Bugs Bunny calls himself STINKER
Wore away ATE
Yard-sale spoiler RAIN
__ Moines, IA DES