New York Times - Jan 18 2015

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Clues Answers
'King ___' KONG
'Love Story' co-star ONEAL
'Midnight Cowboy' role RATSO
'Necktie' NOOSE
'Rama ___ Ding Dong' (1961 hit) LAMA
'Sometimes you feel like a nut' nut ALMOND
'Ta-ta' CIAO
'That's ___-brainer' ANO
'There oughta be ___' ALAW
'Waking ___ Devine' (1998 movie) NED
'Was ist ___?' LOS
'You wish!' ASIF
1960s chess champion Mikhail TAL
1970s-'80s TV sheriff LOBO
Activity at a doctor's office EXAM
Actress Lena OLIN
Actress Massey ILONA
Adjust, as pitch MODULATE
Arrangement of hosing? SCAM
Art Deco artist ERTE
As stated in PER
Asian cuisine THAI
Band news TOUR
Bog accumulations PEATS
Boisterous oaf confused the previous set of actors LOUDLOUTLOSTLASTCAST
Bombay and Boodles GINS
Border payments DUTIES
BP logo shape until 2000 SHIELD
Bungle SNAFU
California city where the first Apple computer was built LOSALTOS
Capital where snail noodle soup is popular HANOI
Cars once advertised with the slogan 'Find your own road' SAABS
Catastrophic start or end? CEE
Characteristic times ERAS
Children show their affection for model Kate above all others KIDSKISSMISSMOSSMOST
Comedian who said 'Every day starts, my eyes open and I reload the program of misery' LOUISCK
Comics canine SNERT
Comics canine ODIE
Composer Camille Saint-___ SAENS
Coquette TEASE
Court V.I.P.'s REFS
Cry of innocence NOTI
Darn, e.g OATH
Die down WANE
Domestic worker claimed shifting beach engulfed basin MAIDSAIDSANDSANKSINK
Doozy LULU
Driver's assignment: Abbr RTE
Early 1900s gold rush locale NOME
Early cultivator of potatoes INCA
Egg holder NEST
Energetic sort DYNAMO
Fendi ___ (men's cologne) UOMO
First person to die in the Bible ABEL
Food processor setting CHOP
Friends who have never been to the beach don't walk by the girl so often PALEPALSPASSLASSLESS
Fused ONE
Generic NONAME
Gigantic sled hauls firewood quite a bit HUGELUGELUGSLOGSLOTS
H. H. Munro pseudonym SAKI
Halloween prop COFFIN
Head of a Tatar group KHAN
Hirer/firer BOSS
Home of Hanauma Bay OAHU
Hong Kong, e.g.: Abbr ISL
Clues Answers
Hubbub ADO
Info for a limo driver ETA
Iron setting STEAM
It may go from sea to shining sea CANAL
Jets or chargers starter TURBO
Leapfrog HOP
Like some brewing containers OAKEN
Like some lashes and tans FAKE
Lines around Chicago ELS
Literature's Nan or Gay TALESE
Loop around the West? LASSO
Majority group ADULTS
Metaphors for serious headaches VISES
Mil. decorations DSCS
Mila of 'That '70s Show' KUNIS
Model add-on DECAL
Mosque leader IMAM
Mr. Chamberlain intends to top off his gas tank WILTWILLFILLFULLFUEL
Mrs. Rabin of Israel LEAH
Music grp ASCAP
Nephew of 8-Down ENOS
No-no on gym floors CLEATS
Non-PC person MACUSER
Not free PAID
Oceanic body HULL
One with accounts, for short ADREP
Outdoor party LUAU
Pago Pago locale SAMOA
Pew, for one SEAT
Playground comeback DIDSO
Put an end to SCOTCH
Put in the minimum stake ANTED
QB who led the Cowboys to victories in Super Bowls VI and XII STAUBACH
Quaint contraction MAYNT
Record of the year ANNAL
Revolutionary patriot Silas DEANE
Show bias LEAN
Silt, e.g DEPOSIT
Sleeveless item, for short CAMI
Solo, in a way STAG
Solution for some housework LYE
Strong and sharp PUNGENT
Stuffing ingredient ONION
Supply room worker CLERK
Tell a story LIE
The Beach Boys' 'Surfer Girl' vis-à-vis 'Little Deuce Coupe' SIDEA
This and that BOTH
This and that OLIO
This and that: Abbr MISC
Tick-borne affliction LYME
Toy company that made Betsy Wetsy IDEAL
Upset with MADAT
Varnish ingredient TUNGOIL
Villain BADDIE
Voting no ANTI
When prompted ONCUE
Whole bunch RAFT
Willing to do UPFOR
Word after camper or before Camp's VAN
Word in many California city names SAN
[I am shocked!] GASP
___ Romeo ALFA