- Jan 14 2015

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Clues Answers
''May I help you?'' YES
Actress Alba JESSICA
Aerodynamically designed SLEEK
AFL merger partner CIO
All used up GONE
Annoyed IRKED
Arthur __ Stadium (pro tennis venue) ASHE
Barely defeated EDGED
Be mad for ADORE
Bewitching MAGICAL
Clever and funny WITTY
Common Korean surname KIM
Curator's concern ART
Definite article THE
Determined to do SETON
Engage in a pointless showdown PLAYCHICKEN
Erode EAT
Extended battle SIEGE
Fictional Scarlett OHARA
Fishing poles RODS
Fl. oz. fraction TSP
Forced open JIMMIED
French farewell ADIEU
From Killarney IRISH
Gem from the sea PEARL
General Grant's rival LEE
Georgia city MACON
Gets down to business TALKSTURKEY
Gets set, for short PREPS
Go back on a deal RENEGE
Goes out with SEES
Historical age ERA
Impressive deeds FEATS
In the vicinity AROUND
IRA variety ROTH
Jordan's capital AMMAN
Like some bran cereal RAISINY
Linen fabrics DAMASKS
Clues Answers
Medicinal amounts DOSES
Metronome setting TEMPO
Native Alaskans, historically ESKIMOS
New Year's Eve party attire HATS
Northeasternmost African capital CAIRO
Novelist Grafton SUE
Nursery-rhyme byline MOTHERGOOSE
On account of DUETO
Part of APB ALL
Persona __ grata NON
Pickle serving SPEAR
Plea at sea SOS
Pooch pest FLEA
Put to rest ENDED
Put to work USE
Remote button MUTE
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Shuffled along MOSEYED
Sly smile GRIN
Smartphone software APPS
Something essential NEED
Summer zodiac sign LEO
Syringe, for short HYPO
Takes on ACCEPTS
Teflon maker DUPONT
Telecast AIR
Tempe sch ASU
Thanksgiving parade sponsor MACYS
Took off RAN
Triathletes, for instance RACERS
Vial measures DRAMS
Vulnerable one SITTINGDUCK
Walks wearily PLODS
Wall St. regulator SEC
Wasn't serious JOKED
Web-video gear CAM
Wipe clean ERASE
__ Beta Kappa PHI