Universal - May 11 2007

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Clues Answers
''Venus de ___'' MILO
1/6400 of a circumference MIL
Addresses that are often underlined (Abbr.) URLS
Alphabetic quintet FGHIJ
Atlantic City casino, familiarly (with ''the'') TAJ
Big name in petroleum, once AMOCO
Blazer, e.g. SUV
Border on ABUT
Bowl for baptismal water FONT
Bustle TODO
Comply with orders OBEY
Composition for eight OCTET
Corrections agent? ERASER
Dear partner NEAR
Drought-stricken SERE
Et ___ (and other men) ALII
Evening hour, in Madrid SEIS
Featured item in a necktie party NOOSE
Fictional clerk URIAH
First name among ''American Idol'' judges PAULA
Gas range? OCTANE
Genesis setting EDEN
Give everything away BLAB
Glove material, perhaps SUEDE
Grade-schooler's reward STAR
Grand Canyon transport BURRO
Hard drinker TOPER
Hardly a people person LONER
Historic period AGE
Honey holders JARS
Incorporate ABSORB
Intense anger IRE
It comes out in the wash ODOR
It'll make you pull over SIREN
Italian units of money, once LIRE
Jacob's third son LEVI
Joie de ___ (joy of living) VIVRE
Clues Answers
Kanga's tyke ROO
Kettle of fish MESS
Litter critter RUNT
Muse of love poetry ERATO
Musketeer motto word ALL
Not easy to find RARE
O. Henry technique IRONY
On open waters ASEA
On the calmer side, nautically ALEE
On ___ (doing well) AROLL
Once around, to an astronaut ORBIT
One with money to risk PRIVATEINVESTOR
One without benefits TEMP
Oratorio highlight ARIA
Place for pinheads? ALLEY
Plays to the balcony EMOTES
Point in the right direction? EAST
Poor boy provider DELI
Pouting grimaces MOUES
Prepares spuds, in a way MASHES
Put on a hair-raising display? TEASE
Queens stadium name ASHE
Slender fasteners BRADS
Small insectivorous mammal MOLE
Smart-alecky, in a way SASSY
Some detente issues TESTBANS
Stick around the kitchen? OLEO
The last of any series OMEGA
They're in a league of their own TEAMS
Type of cloth LOIN
U.K. honor OBE
Unconventional physician HOLIST
Unreliable witness LIAR
Viking of the comics HAGAR
Vocal inflections TONES
What a unified group speaks with ONEVOICE
What a young slugger dreams to play one day MAJORLEAGUEBALL
You may exercise a right in it GENERALELECTION