Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Jan 16 2015

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Clues Answers
'Forget it!' NOHOW
Allow LET
Anticipate AWAIT
Aspic maker's need MOLD
Awful BAD
Barbecue site PATIO
Bert's roomie ERNIE
Big-enough fish KEEPER
Black bird ANI
Carnival city RIO
Cat call MEOW
Charged bit ION
Choose OPT
City that's an anagram of 16-Across BALTIMORE
Crony PAL
Daily trio MEALS
Deli loaf RYE
Detergent brand ERA
Did the crawl SWAM
Dilapidated RATTY
Distant FAR
Doctors' dues FEES
Dumbfound AWE
for tat TIT
Ford and Lincoln AUTOS
Haunted house sounds MOANS
Heart of the matter PITH
Inseparable ONE
Itty-bitty WEE
Language of Africa SOTHO
Lemieux milieu ICE
Look for SEEK
Clues Answers
Masseuse's workplace SPA
Mel of baseball lore OTT
Money of Norway KRONE
Museum on wheels ARTMOBILE
Once around LAP
Parched DRY
Part of TGIF ITS
Peak periods HIGHS
Persia, now IRAN
Pitched THROWN
Position LIE
Profundity DEPTH
Punch SOCK
Reason for a food recall ECOLI
Sandy's reply ARF
Scepter topper ORB
See 1-Down PETREL
Sheltered side LEE
Sigma follower TAU
Sigma preceder RHO
Singer Mariah CAREY
Slam-dance MOSH
Sort ILK
Still, to poets EEN
Straighten ALIGN
To and FRO
Tony Shalhoub TV series MONK
Took top honors WON
Treaties PACTS
With 37-Down, small, dark seabird STORM
Witness SEE
Zilch NIL