The Guardian - Cryptic crossword No 26,461 - Jan 6 2015

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Clues Answers
A very intriguing fact, as Uruguay's national airline leads all the fliers around AVIFAUNA
Ancient creature, I assume, is crossing poop IGUANODON
Bar's variable repeat is just about variable TRAPEZE
Champion's air inhibits tease TRIBUNE
Event in which John Paul II may have been buried? POLEVAULT
Face closing supplier of tea that is open during the day DIURNAL
Footprint creates initially unvoiced terror TREAD
From youngsters (no child), huge cheer for makeover RENOVATION
Guess correctly what some kings used to claim DIVINERIGHT
Imprison bloke for debt? REMAND
Initiate levitation project? GETOFFTHEGROUND
Michelle raised Sam, a boy with some deficiencies OBAMA
Not quite loyal worker absent without justification TRUANT
Not too heavy a sea? That's fortunate JUSTASWELL
Clues Answers
Purée I can whisk up for one likely to appreciate it? EPICUREAN
Silently indicates the difference between 'forwards' and 'bellicose' NODS
Sister snapped up one foreign address SENOR
Small brew with one omission? Just so SPOTON
Snake — in fear, it's got up WIND
Sounds attractive, but one would take you for a ride HANSOM
Stubs toe painfully, being most stupid OBTUSEST
The minority? Yes indeed NOTHALF
To call round cheers retired sailor RATING
Victoria here, a nun, loved vicars to bits VANCOUVERISLAND
Violin sounding two notes? Nonsense FIDDLEDEDEE
Where the sexually ambiguous may get their gear, or one piece BISHOP
Worked without finishing thin material TOILE
Wrote inaccurately about Spanish firm's coupe TWOSEATER