Universal - Jan 1 2015

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Clues Answers
"1,001 ___" USES
"A ___ formality" MERE
"Beau Geste" author WREN
"Divorce capital," once RENO
"Ods bodkins!" EGAD
"This won't hurt ___" ABIT
"You, over there!" HEY
"___ on a true story" BASED
A start for "few" CUR
Actor LeBlanc MATT
Apply crudely, as paint DAUB
Archaeological find BONE
Atlanta player BRAVE
Baby bleater LAMB
Bakery appliance OVEN
Become bored TIRE
Blood and acid, for two TESTS
Capital on the Persian Gulf ABUDHABI
Dadaist Jean ARP
Degree for a CEO, often MBA
Deserving praise MERIT
Dictator's helper STENO
Dutch cheese EDAM
Emerald, for one BERYL
End ___ (ultimate customer) USER
Field of expertise AREA
Follow logically ENSUE
Free from restraint UNLOOSEN
Furniture wood PINE
Guiding principle in Chinese philosophy TAO
Guitar relative SITAR
Hand part CARD
Hawaii's "Gathering Place" OAHU
Ice Capades performer SKATER
Illness that is a swell time? MUMPS
Israeli natives SABRAS
It may accompany waves on 51-Across ALOHA
Joke response, in entertainment mags LAFF
Clues Answers
Kingdoms REALMS
Largest of the Florida keys LARGO
Like some cars, colorwise TWOTONE
Little-pigs complement THREE
Modern way to transfer documents FTP
Monetary unit of Botswana THEBE
NBA position GUARD
Obtained water DREW
One month after New Year's FIRSTOFFEBRUARY
One month before New Year's FIRSTOFDECEMBER
Out of shape UNFIT
Parlor perch SOFA
Perimeter EDGE
Photo opportunities SHOOTS
Place for a nice apple TREE
Poet's dusk EEN
Porky pen STY
Preschool lesson ABCS
Princeton athlete TIGER
Put in a hold STOW
Scottish hill BRAE
Scrabble tiles holder RACK
Sean in Hollywood PENN
Search for food FORAGE
Seed covering ARIL
Severe emotional shock TRAUMA
Snorer's disorder APNEA
Spot for Hitchcock's "Window" REAR
Take another crack at RETRY
Tantrum-prone kid BRAT
Thatcher's successor MAJOR
Topps rival, once FLEER
Weight for Miss Liberty TORCH
Worker up north? ELF
___-Magnon CRO