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Clues Answers
#1 Beatles hit of 1964 IFEELFINE
'-- Ask of You' ALLI
'-- is an island ...' NOMAN
'Bali --' HAI
'Challenge accepted!' ITSON
'Me too' SOAMI
'Mighty Bruins' sch UCLA
'Socrate' composer Erik SATIE
'The way I -- ...' SEEIT
-- fruit (tangelo kin) UGLI
-- Pet CHIA
14-legged crustacean ISOPOD
49ers' home, for short SANFRAN
A teacher prepares it LESSON
Actor Flynn ERROL
Actress Fonda JANE
Adam and -- EVE
After, to Gigi APRES
Alternative to Wheat Thins TRISCUIT
An apt one is spelled out by combining the first two letters of nine Across answers in this puzzle NEWYEAR
Analogous ALIKE
Author Kesey KEN
Beats into shape again REFORGES
Bed for eggs Benedict ENGLISHMUFFIN
Billionaire Bill GATES
Bits of work ERGS
Black-and-white bird PENGUIN
Black-and-white bird AUK
Black-clad mercenary NINJA
Bolt down EAT
Born, to Gigi NEE
Brand of deodorant ARRID
Bump hard RAM
Carport's kin GARAGE
Chemical salt in spinach and parsley OXALATE
Choir song PSALM
Composer -- Carlo Menotti GIAN
Compound in pottery glazes TINOXIDE
Compounds paired with thymines in DNA ADENINES
Corporal on 'F Troop' AGARN
County south of Niagara ERIE
Creator of Tigger and Eeyore AAMILNE
Cuts down HEWS
Dernier -- (very latest fashion) CRI
Devilish look SNEER
Dogfight MELEE
Epoxy, e.g RESIN
Fast Amtrak train ACELA
Fed Eliot NESS
Film set at Faber College ANIMALHOUSE
Fish-on-rice dish SUSHI
Frauds SHAMS
Frazier fighter ALI
Gershwin the lyricist IRA
Go by jet FLY
Gordon of 'Oklahoma!' MACRAE
Got silver, as hair GRAYED
Harley-Davidson product TWINCAMENGINE
Hollywood's Meryl STREEP
Hollywood's Stiller BEN
Homer epic ODYSSEY
How some things are chiseled INSTONE
Hydroxyl-containing compound ENOL
Israeli desert region NEGEV
Japanese mushroom ENOKI
Kansas city OLATHE
Key of Chopin's 'Raindrop' prelude DFLATMAJOR
Clues Answers
Keys that get 'tickled' IVORIES
Less abundant RARER
Less distant NEARER
Less jagged EVENER
Life-or-death DIRE
Like films, restaurants and bonds RATABLE
Longtime Volkswagen model JETTA
Lots in life FATES
Mani offerer SPA
Marking the start of, as a 133-Across USHERINGIN
Meal crumb ORT
Meat jelly ASPIC
Meditation sounds OMS
Mel's Diner waitress FLO
Mellows out THAWS
Middle Corleone brother FREDO
Move out of VACATE
Munched NOSHED
Munsters' boy EDDIE
Mysteries ENIGMAS
Nero's 111 CXI
Nobody -- (mine alone) ELSES
Non-rush-hour, say OFFPEAK
Not fitting INAPT
Nothing at all NIL
Old Yankee Combs EARLE
One fishing with a net SEINER
Optical storage format for burning data DVDR
Orbitz listing INN
Org. backing guns NRA
Paleolithic tool HANDAXE
Pampering treatment TENDERLOVINGCARE
Part of BYO YOUR
Patricia T. O'Conner's 'Woe --' ISI
Political analyst Myers DEEDEE
Port near Naples SALERNO
Promise to marry AFFIANCE
Put- -- (pranks) ONS
Ranch jaunt HORSERIDE
Really go after GUNFOR
Rural denial NAW
Sch. term SEM
See 29-Across EAST
See 54-Across DRUMS
Shoe part INSTEP
Showy parrot MACAW
Sizzling bacon sound SSS
Sked guess ETD
SkyDome national anthem OCANADA
Some Japanese cartoons ANIMES
Stepping (up) AMPING
Stimpy's pal REN
Suffix with direct ORY
Suspicious LEERY
Sydney's state: Abbr NSW
Trembly tree ASPEN
Trim up, say GETFIT
TV's Sajak PAT
Typo list ERRATA
Unbroken ONE
Uncle, in Rio TIO
Update the arsenal of REARM
Was given no choice HADTO
Was too long, as a sentence RANON
Wear for mob quellers RIOTGEAR
Whaler, e.g SHIP
With 112-Down, backbeat instruments SNARE
With 64-Across, Japan's place FAR
Worship REVERE