New York Times - Dec 30 2014

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Clues Answers
'Hasta luego!' ADIOS
'House' star Hugh LAURIE
'Jersey Shore' housemate SNOOKI
'The Honeymooners' husband RALPH
11-Down, for one SIGN
A Reagan RON
Alternative to an S.U.V SEDAN
Amtrak option ACELA
Announcer Johnny famous for crying 'Come on down!' OLSON
Arias, usually SOLI
Atmosphere of many a Poe story GLOOM
Be impending LOOM
Big name in kitchen sponges OCELO
Bird in a Hans Christian Andersen tale SWAN
Brown v. Board of Education city TOPEKA
Certain water circulator POOLPUMP
Cheerleaders' handfuls POMPOMS
Chem., e.g SCI
Chesapeake Bay feast CRABS
Common grass variety named for its color REDTOP
Composure COOL
Dishevel, as bed linen RUMPLE
Dry cleaning targets STAINS
Egyptian Christian COPT
Ethnic group of Southeast Asia HMONG
European smoker ETNA
Expert ACE
Farm enclosure ... or a farmers' group COOP
Feature of a royal event POMP
Film producer Carlo PONTI
Food for Fido ALPO
Food for Fido, perhaps SCRAPS
Friend of Pooh ROO
Gift vouchers, arcade tickets and such SCRIP
Goes around ORBITS
Green who was on four seasons of 'The Voice' CEELO
Had a good day on the links, say SHOTPAR
Houlihan : Maj. :: Klinger : ___ CPL
Iris ring AREOLE
Clues Answers
Itches YENS
Jonathan Swift, notably IRONIST
Kiss and cuddle CANOODLE
Like Greece or Serbia BALKAN
Lily family plants ALOES
Maneuver for slot car racers or stunt pilots, as suggested by this puzzle's circled letters LOOPDELOOPDELOOP
North Carolinian TARHEEL
Not forgotten INMIND
Olympic gold medalist Ohno APOLO
Olympic lengths METERS
Oslo Accords grp PLO
Our planet, to Germans ERDE
Parts of chemistry buildings LABROOMS
Penne ___ vodka ALLA
Permeates, with 'through' SEEPS
Point the finger at ACCUSE
Punch-in-the-stomach sound OOF
Schedule for take-off? DIETPLAN
Setting for Seurat's 'La Grande Jatte' PARC
Sexy skirt feature SLIT
Shakes, as in a car chase LOSES
Socialist, disparagingly PINKO
Sound in a lamasery CHANT
The white of a whiteout SNOW
Toon beagle ODIE
Toon chihuahua REN
Transcribe again RECOPY
U.N. grp. monitoring workers' rights ILO
Victims of the farmer's wife MICE
Wall St. debuts IPOS
Waves away SHOOS
Western Afghan city HERAT
What bulldogs' jowls do SAG
Xerox competitor RICOH
Yodeler's locale ALP
Zairean president Mobutu ___ Seko SESE
Zodiac opener ARIES
___ polloi HOI
___ Productions (Oprah Winfrey company) HARPO