Jonesin' - Dec 25 2014

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Clues Answers
'Fine, have it your way!' OKOK
'I Am ___ of Constant Sorrow' AMAN
'I know you ___ what am I?' AREBUT
'I'm Like ___' (Nelly Furtado hit) ABIRD
'It's always something with you!' OYVEY
'r u kidding?!' OMG
'There Will Be ___' BLOOD
'___ alert!' NERD
Aggressive sellers TOUTS
Animal with antlers ELK
Bankrupt BUST
Bathroom floor item SCALE
Believe, as a dubious story BUY
Bialik of 'The Big Bang Theory' MAYIM
Bizarre way an African dictator used to close his letters? IDIOTICALLYAMIN
Boot out of the country EXILE
Business that offers foot massages SPA
Came out on top WON
Captured back RETAKEN
Concoct MAKE
Dismounted ALIT
Do some knitting PURL
Doesn't just think about YEARNSTO
Drop in on VISIT
Even score TIE
FDR had it POLIO
Fish eggs ROE
Fur shawls STOLES
Go as fast as you can RACE
Golf cart's cousin, for short ATV
Gradually diminish ERODE
He meows TOM
Hirsch of 'Into the Wild' EMILE
Hooded coat PARKA
Howl the surname of a theater great? ULULATEGROSBARD
In the style of ALA
Intentions AIMS
Clues Answers
Irishman in sunglasses BONO
It can be iced or spiced TEA
Jong and others ERICAS
La ___ (famed opera house) SCALA
Last part of a classical piece CODA
Like some humor DRY
Mag workers EDS
Manage (a living) EKE
Mark a ballot VOTE
Mix up the letters in a former 'SNL' player's last name? ANAGRAMGASTEYER
Mosque head IMAM
Ms. Brockovich ERIN
NBA player who grew up in Istanbul? OTTOMANPORTER
Obtained GOT
Overwhelm SWAMP
Painting of a person PORTRAIT
Person who holds property in trust BAILEE
Petrol amount LITER
Ping-pong table divider NET
Prefix with physics META
Prefix with plasm ECTO
Pretentious name for the Jan Brady fan club? EVERMOREPLUMB
Proposer's joint KNEE
Recipe command STIR
Rejoice EXULT
Russian plane MIG
Sent notes to online IMED
Sharp, poetically ACERB
Skateboard move OLLIE
Spot on the Web SITE
Starbucks size TALL
Student helper TUTOR
Swiss potato dish ROSTI
Thomas Hardy title heroine TESS
Top group ELITE
YouTube rival VIMEO
___ Arbor ANN