Universal - Dec 22 2014

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Clues Answers
"Circular file" contents TRASH
"For heaven's ___!" SAKE
"Freeze!" STOP
"Get out!" LEAVE
"My Name is Asher ___" LEV
"The point being ...?" AND
A servant is at one's BECKANDCALL
A well-known one is golden RULE
Abdominal protrusion HERNIA
Agile deer ROE
Alias initials AKA
Andy Capp's brew ALE
Announcements to train riders (Abbr.) ETAS
Anti-aging vitamin RETINOL
Areas between mountains VALES
Arizona Native American HOPI
Arrange in a spiral SWIRL
Artist's brown SEPIA
Baby bird of prey EAGLET
Bad things to have on yachts LEAKS
Blow up a picture ENLARGE
Bow-taking occasion CURTAINCALL
Brother of Moses AARON
Bumps in the night NOISES
Caps Lock neighbor TAB
CB, for one RADIO
Chaucer collection TALES
Cialis competitor VIAGRA
Counter a point ARGUE
Current events NEWS
Dermatology problem ACNE
Download for readers EBOOK
Espresso order LATTE
Farm marm EWE
Fez, for one CAP
Flash during welding ARC
Forays to the fridge RAIDS
Forcible ejection HEAVEHO
Former Israeli prime minister PERES
Clues Answers
Group based in McLean, Va CIA
Historic chapter ERA
History homework, sometimes ESSAY
Home of blocks? IGLOO
In tune ONKEY
Inclusive word EVERY
Inner, middle or outer thing EAR
Intrudes by oozing SEEPS
It's sometimes stubbed TOE
Like most of the world's people ASIAN
Little laboratory vessel TESTTUBE
Long, toothy swimmer GAR
Luau offering LEI
Military training unit CADRE
More than vexation IRE
Non-Jew GOY
Not from this world ALIEN
Of little importance PETTY
One of the Fords? ESCORT
Personal atmospheres AURAE
Phone service option CALLWAITING
Place of pilgrimage MECCA
Potassium hydroxide, e.g LYE
Readies for a ring insertion PIERCES
Really regret RUE
Refrigerator decorators MAGNETS
Slightly off-color RACY
Started, as a fire LIT
Stripe-backed stinkers POLECATS
Suzette pancake CREPE
Too thin SCRAWNY
Universal workplace? LOT
Venues SITES
Vindictive angers WRATHS
Word yelled to halt a street hockey game CAR
Yoko who married Lennon ONO
Yolk ___ (egg part) SAC
___ and penates LARES