Jonesin Crosswords - Dec 16 2014

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Clues Answers
"Celebrity Jeopardy" broadcaster, for short SNL
"Famous Potatoes" state IDAHO
"Germinal" author Zola EMILE
"Hey, that's cool!" NEATO
"I just thought of something!" AHA
"J'adore" perfumier DIOR
"Nurse Jackie" star Falco EDIE
"Senses Working Overtime" band XTC
"Star Trek" counselor Deanna TROI
"Uh-uh!" NOT
"___ my heart open..." (Papa Roach lyric) ITEAR
"___ y Plata" (Montana's motto) ORO
Academic aides, briefly TAS
Actress Pompeo ELLEN
Afro-___ languages ASIATIC
Assumes the role of ACTSAS
Author of "The Watergate Diaries"? ANAISNIXON
Avant-garde composer Glass PHILIP
Bassoons' smaller relatives OBOES
Be loud, like a radio BLARE
Beats by ___ DRE
Beer buy SIXPACK
Big house fixture LIFER
Bill dispensers ATMS
Brush off SHUN
Carte or mode preceder ALA
Cluttered up MESSY
Code for a scanner UPC
Dept. formerly headed by Kathleen Sebelius HHS
Destroy RUIN
Devious little devil IMP
Diaphragm alternative IUD
Eisenhower's WWII command ETO
Emcee's delivery INTRO
Frigg's husband, in Norse myth ODIN
Full of snark CATTY
Genetic info carrier RNA
Hands-together time NOON
Health food claim NOFAT
Clues Answers
Hidden beneath the surface LATENT
Holy book KORAN
Infrequently SELDOM
Is the author of PENS
It's below the femur TIBIA
It's sealed with a shake DEAL
Item stating "World's Greatest Dad" MUG
Leon who sang the theme to "Mr. Belvedere" REDBONE
Less complicated SIMPLER
Levy TAX
Like many actresses on "Baywatch"? BEACHBUXOM
Little bites NIPS
Major tests EXAMS
Mission that included a moonwalk APOLLOXII
Model, like clothes TRYON
Modeler's moldable medium CLAY
Money in Milan, before the euro LIRA
Nestle's ___-Caps SNO
Network Stephen Colbert is moving to CBS
News outlets MEDIA
Once around LAP
Opening piece? KEY
Posh neckwear ASCOT
Produce MAKE
Reunion attendee ALUMNA
Rice side PILAF
Sandler on guitar ADAM
School of thought ISM
Serious sevensome SINS
Song that goes "So whyyyyyy don't you use it?" THEREFLEX
Spanish guy who joined a Germanic tribe? SAXONDIEGO
Streisand movie YENTL
Succumb to gravity FALL
Swing in the ring BOX
The most one-sided line in US history? DIXONDIXON
Tolerate ABIDE
Vegetarian option TOFU
Well-behaved POLITE
___ one's time (waits) BIDES