Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Dec 18 2014

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Clues Answers
'Centennial' writer MICHENER
'Let's Make a Deal' option DOOR
'Please explain' HOW
'Science Guy' Bill NYE
Acceptable KOSHER
Arcade game PINBALL
Away from WSW ENE
Bill's partner COO
Bipeninsular state MICHIGAN
Bizarre EERIE
Boxing legend ALI
Break up DISBAND
Cattle call MOO
Coaster SLED
Comic DeLuise DOM
Corridor HALL
Deity GOD
Deposit LAY
Dismal cry YOWL
Diva's delivery ARIA
E. Coyote WILE
Embroidery yarn CREWEL
Flops on Broadway BOMBS
Glutton HOG
Goodyear alternative MICHELIN
Great Lake ERIE
Holler YELL
Jeans material DENIM
Jeremy of basketball LIN
Jewel GEM
Links prop TEE
Long lunch? SUB
Clues Answers
Look-alike TWIN
Lotion add-in ALOE
Memo acronym ASAP
Metric measure KILO
Mid-May honoree MOTHER
Miss Muffet's bugaboo SPIDER
Mom of Sasha and Malia MICHELLE
Morse symbol DASH
Negative prefix NON
One side of the Urals (Abbr.) EUR
Piratic potation RUM
Prognosticator SEER
React to yeast RISE
Roe provider SHAD
Schlep LUG
Scuttle HOD
Secondhand USED
Sherlock's find CLUE
Shuffleboard stick CUE
Sit for a shot POSE
Small salamanders EFTS
song (cheaply) FORA
Stir-fry utensil WOK
Tend the lawn MOW
Tweezer target EYEBROW
Vicinity AREA
Wanderer NOMAD
Whale group GAM
Window ledge SILL
Witness SEE
Writer Fleming IAN
Yale student ELI