L.A. Times Daily - Dec 7 2014

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Clues Answers
"East of Eden" son ARON
"Funny Girl" composer STYNE
"Man on the Moon" group REM
"Okay to proceed?" SHALLI
"Six Days of the Condor" author James GRADY
"Star Trek" spinoff, briefly TNG
1979 disco classic YMCA
Actor McGregor EWAN
Aforementioned SAID
Airport city near Montreal MIRABEL
Aladdin's helper GENIE
Andalusian address SENORA
Animated TV barkeep MOE
Antenna pickup RADIOSIGNAL
Aptly named coffee lightener CREMORA
Arabian Peninsula nation OMAN
Asian nurse AMAH
Backed up, in a way ONCD
Bar order NEAT
Bete noire BUGABOO
Bobby's "Dallas" wife PAMELA
Bone, to Benito OSSO
Brayer group? ASSES
Cabo locale BAJA
Calico call MEOW
Car radio features PRESETS
Clothes TOGS
Colorful bird TANAGER
Colts' former home RCADOME
Common odds ending ONE
Company infamous for shredding ENRON
Contest in which tires are hurled? SPARETHROWING
Curved fastening bar UBOLT
Cutting-edge company? XACTO
Designer sportswear label GANT
Draws out ELICITS
eHarmony, e.g.? MATEMARKET
First of 12 ARIES
Fit for consumption EDIBLE
Former Wall Street acronym AMEX
Got really full ATEALOT
Gun lobby gp NRA
Harrison of the stage REX
High-ranking NCO MSGT
History course topics ERAS
Hockey Hall of Famer Francis EMILE
How to eat lots of soup? BOWLBYBOWL
Is omniscient SEESALL
Itinerary entry: Abbr ETD
Japanese pufferfish for risk-taking eaters FUGU
Joined the cast of ACTEDIN
Just around the corner NEAR
L.A.'s __ Center AON
Lets off the hook EXEMPTS
Like some tires BALD
Made a healthier menu selection? WENTWITHTHEFOWL
Makes meticulous roster moves? TRADESCAREFULLY
Makes new plans for REDESIGNS
Member of a trendsetting family? JONES
Model material BALSA
More than curious NOSY
Muscat money RIALS
Nearly wipes out DECIMATES
Oak or elm WOOD
Of the flock LAIC
Office phone button LINETWO
Old verb ending ETH
Clues Answers
Old-style street show RAREE
One of two N.T. books COR
One way to stand ALONE
Only pres. born in Missouri HST
Optima, e.g KIA
Organized effort to get a different judge? RECUSEMISSION
Party planner, briefly? POL
Paycheck reduction for most STATETAX
Peddled stuff WARES
Philosopher __-Louis Bergson HENRI
Pin cushion? MAT
Point on a mall map? HERE
Port-of-Spain's island TRINIDAD
Precious river stone? NILEDIAMOND
Pride of a pride protector? MANESTREAKS
Pueblo pronoun ESO
Really got into DUG
Reinforce SHOREUP
Sam of "The Piano" NEILL
Score symbol CLEF
Second part of a Latin conjugation AMAS
Second-century date CLII
Seine tributary OISE
Shock DAZE
Singer Peeples NIA
Slips into DONS
Smartphone function EMAIL
Some ballot items REFERENDA
Some barks SHIPS
Some power producers DAMS
Spanish castle city LORCA
Spelling on TV TORI
Spot order? SIT
Spot order? BEG
Staff members: Abbr ASSTS
Sticks MIRES
Sticks figure RUBE
Stopped producing RANDRY
Stuns, in a way TASES
Sunni leader IMAM
Sweater letter ZETA
Swell pair? ELLS
Take in BILK
Talk about sin, in a way CONFESS
Teutonic town STADT
Throughout DURING
Top-__: best TIER
Traveler's insurance?: Abbr TSA
Twice tetra- OCTA
U.K. decorations OBES
Unaligned: Abbr NEUT
Unfortunate SAD
Up to no good EVIL
Valley DELL
Vaporous FUMY
Vent with vehemence RAGE
Vent with vehemence RANT
Visual layer UVEA
Volcano feature RIM
Watchdog org.? ASPCA
Whitish gems OPALS
Wild plum SLOE
William the pirate KIDD
Woolly moms EWES
Writing supplies INKS
__ balls: chocolaty snacks OREO
__ Lackawanna Railway ERIE
__ test BETA