L.A. Times Daily - May 1 2007

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Clues Answers
"Ask me later" NOTNOW
"Go fly __!" AKITE
"Sisters" actress SWOOSIEKURTZ
"The Sopranos" network HBO
'60s theater, briefly NAM
1970s radical gp. SLA
Actress Joanne DRU
Amendments 1-10 subj. RTS
Avian imitator MYNA
Bait shop critter EARTHWORM
Be in arrears OWE
Bees eat it POLLEN
Belabor HARPON
Brynner who played a king YUL
By what means HOW
Casa chamber SALA
Christopher who wrote "The Berlin Stories," inspiration for the play "I Am a Camera" ISHERWOOD
Comic Philips EMO
Cuba libre ingredient RUM
Currency in Kobe YEN
Day-__: pigment brand GLO
Digestion aid ENZYME
Dilapidated SHABBY
Elite athletes ALLSTARS
Enjoy restaurant service EATOUT
Foxworthy's field COMEDY
Get __ for effort ANE
Greek letter that looks like a "P" RHO
Has the evening meal SUPS
Highest-ranking SENIOR
Hockey game interruptions BRAWLS
It forms igneous rock MAGMA
Japanese honorific SAN
Kept from swelling ICED
Clues Answers
Kind of mint BREATH
Kitchen protectors APRONS
Lab class, briefly CHEM
Largish musical combo OCTET
Lea low MOO
Like gnus HORNY
Magnitude SIZE
Marne moniker NOM
Muezzin's temple MOSQUE
Mythical temptress SIREN
Over, in Leipzig UBER
Oversight LAPSE
Patsy SAP
Pouch SAC
Ref, in slang ZEBRA
Refreshing breeze ZEPHYR
Riga native LETT
Roman emperor after Galba OTHO
Sales meeting diagrams GRAPHS
Scand. land SWE
School orgs. PTAS
Siberian metropolis OMSK
Stadium roar RAH
Stream bottom BED
Subject of Hippolyta AMAZON
Tag on damaged mdse. IRR
Trumpeting like crazy ABLARE
Tuckered out WEARY
TVA pres. FDR
Unit on an FM dial MEGAHERTZ
Unrefined RAW
Web pages for newbies FAQS
White alternative RYE
Wisecrack JAPE
Woodcarver's implement ADZE
Word on a towel HERS