Universal - Apr 30 2007

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Clues Answers
''Billy, Don't Be ___'' (1974 hit) AHERO
''My Cherie ___'' AMOUR
''My Dinner with ___'' ANDRE
''___ la vie!'' CEST
Agent of the Vietnam War? ORANGE
American or Western follower SAMOA
Approaches dawn LATENS
Battery size AAA
Bit of tax planning IRA
Bum out SADDEN
C sharp equivalent DFLAT
Celery starter? SOFTC
Challenge for a hairstylist MOP
City on the Allegheny OLEAN
Cold gin with vermouth DRYMARTINI
Collection of poems DIVAN
Comparatively congenial NICER
Cooking device HIBACHI
Coup d'___ ETAT
Cultural grant giver, for short NEA
Deli side dish SLAW
Double-check the check READD
Exile of 1979 SHAH
Fennel, e.g. HERB
Fervent wish HOPE
Gambling game MONTE
Georgia of ''Everybody Loves Raymond'' ENGEL
Great quantity MUCH
Halloween beverages CIDERS
Hardly a live wire WETBLANKET
Hold 'em variation OMAHA
Ignore in pronunciation ELIDE
Infections of some sebaceous glands STYES
It stings HORNET
Jones' financial partner DOW
Kind of chamber ION
Clues Answers
Land of Damascus, briefly SYR
Larger-than-life EPIC
Lets touch them NETS
Marginal worker? EDITOR
Melville sequel OMOO
Mental equilibrium SANITY
Mizzens MASTS
New stock issuances, for short IPOS
Passionate or virile HOTBLOODED
Photo ___ (media events) OPS
Private students TUTEES
Punch back instinctively REACT
Romanov ruler TSAR
Run of the ranch? LOPE
Sched. entry APPT
Show excessive affection DOTE
Suffix with ''differ'' or ''insist'' ENT
Talk casually CHAT
The Baltics, once (Abbr.) SSRS
The-near link ENDIS
They may squeak by you MICE
They used to turn down their noses SSTS
They'll give you chills COLDFRONTS
Throw carelessly TOSS
Thumbs-up APPROVAL
Touch lovingly FONDLE
Trendy eateries CAFES
Type of card or union CREDIT
Unnamed people or things ONES
Very soon ANYDAY
Voted to accept ADOPTED
What the cautious tightrope artist did? WALKEDAFINELINE
William Wallace, for one SCOT
Words with ''pedestal'' or ''happy face'' PUTONA
Yours, in Burgundy ATOI
___ Day (May 1 in Hawaii) LEI