New York Times - Jun 28 1999

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Clues Answers
'Dumb ___' ('Blondie' forerunner) DORA
'Join the ___' CLUB
'Norma ___' RAE
'Paul Bunyan,' for one FOLKTALE
'Phooey!' DRAT
'Semper fidelis' person MARINE
'The ___ Incident' (1943 Fonda film) OXBOW
Airy tune LILT
Antiquity, once ELD
Antlered animal ELK
Auto's tankful GAS
Beta's follower GAMMA
Bride's new title MRS
Bridle attachments REINS
Burning LIT
Bus passengers without seats STANDEES
C.E.O.'s degree MBA
Canal to the Hudson ERIE
Chowhound GLUTTON
City northeast of Indianapolis MUNCIE
Cloudless CLEAR
Command to Fido SIT
Ducks renowned for their down EIDERS
Excursion TRIP
Eye up and down OGLE
Film's lead STAR
Fitting APT
Following AFTER
Fudd of cartoons ELMER
Group of bits, in data storage BYTE
Gumbo ingredient OKRA
Heading opposite WSW ENE
Heredity transmitter GENE
Holdup device? BELT
Horrible AWFUL
Huge bunch GOB
Indian corn MAIZE
Clues Answers
Items worn with shorts TSHIRTS
Left a job voluntarily RESIGNED
Mal de ___ MER
Matt of 'Saving Private Ryan' DAMON
Mighty's partner HIGH
Military sanction ARMSEMBARGO
Mine finds ORES
Miner's or caver's light generator HEADLAMP
Moved unsteadily DODDERED
Notorious Prohibition-era gangster LEGSDIAMOND
Oxen's harness YOKE
Pepsi rival COKE
Physics Nobelist Niels BOHR
Prized statuettes OSCARS
Pro votes YEAS
Raccoon's hands FOREPAWS
Reviews and corrects EDITS
Sahara, e.g. DESERT
Scottish port on the Firth of Tay DUNDEE
Shade maker ELM
Site for lashes EYELID
Sites of auto dents FENDERS
Sporting sword EPEE
Sportscaster Musberger BRENT
Starers GAZERS
Stir up ROIL
Strong string TWINE
Successors of LP's CDS
Supplemented, with 'out' EKED
The 'D' in F.D.R. DELANO
Traveler's stopover INN
Tree-felling tool AXE
Vientiane native LAO
Wildebeest GNU
Witchcraft trials city SALEM
Word after jelly or coffee BEANS