Universal - Apr 23 2007

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Clues Answers
''Amscray!'' SCAT
''Ixnay'' NAH
1,201, to Tiberius MCCI
American songbird ORIOLE
Anecdotal assortment ANA
Artifices RUSES
Assuage EASE
Basic security device LATCH
Be infamously unusual TAKETHECAKE
Believe to be true ACCEPT
Blood components SERA
Bobby of the Bruins ORR
Bumbling INEPT
Choreographer's creation STEP
Cinches or clinches ICES
Command a salary EARN
Conspirator's creation PLOT
Country queen McEntire REBA
Display one's ability to sing well CARRYATUNE
Dispose of, informally TOSS
Essays TRIES
Extremely uncool person DORK
Fall off the wagon BOOZE
Go off the deep end SNAP
Goose egg ZIP
Have misgivings about RUE
Imaginary narrative TALE
Imminent danger warning REDALERT
Inordinate UNDUE
Israeli-designed weapon UZI
It gets a good licking LOLLIPOP
It may follow something ELSE
It's hit on the head NAIL
Jai ___ ALAI
Junior reporter CUB
Kaiser kin CZAR
Kimono cincher OBI
Clues Answers
Lettering tools STENCILS
Lifting device BRA
Like many soft drinks BOTTLED
Maintenance UPKEEP
Message boat AVISO
Mountain goat feature BEARD
Name of several Norwegian kings OLAV
Noonday naps SIESTAS
Outdoor warning SIREN
Pampered one? TOT
Path that the whole world follows ORBIT
Penetrate slowly SEEP
Pig product LARD
Places to burn rubber DRAGSTRIPS
Pocket sandwich bread PITA
Professor's goal TENURE
Progressively declined DECAYED
Prompter's beginning TELE
Pseudonym of H.H. Munro SAKI
Rain cloud NIMBUS
Riverbank component SILT
Rose fruit HIPS
Saxon start ANGLO
Scott Joplin's legacy RAGS
Sea, to Monet MER
Sheffield farewell TATA
Situated BASED
Some are at the helm SKIPPERS
Some are kosher DELIS
Some lead to forks, briefly RDS
South American nation PERU
Suffer a sports-related injury PULLAMUSCLE
They may hold pencils EARS
Torched LIT
Venusians, e.g. ETS
Wedding acquisitions SPOUSES
Word with ''kit'' or ''around'' TOOL
Words with ''distance'' or ''glance'' ATA
Zodiac name LEO