New York Times - Apr 16 2007

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Clues Answers
'Delta of Venus' writer Anaïs NIN
'Kilroy was ___' HERE
'No more, thanks' IMSET
'Steady as ___ goes' SHE
'Uh ... excuse me' AHEM
'___ enough!' THATS
Angel's instrument HARP
Book after Joel AMOS
Boy genius of juvenile fiction TOMSWIFT
Bygone G.M. make OLDS
Complete flop BOMB
Country estate MANOR
Dads' counterpart MOMS
Desertlike ARID
Disconcert FAZE
Diva's delivery ARIA
Do something boneheaded ERR
Does a garçon's job WAITS
Dwarfs' count SEVEN
Eastern European SLAV
Explorer Sebastian CABOT
Extremely VERY
First, second, third and reverse GEARS
Freebie COMP
Gadabout ROVER
Gen. Bradley OMAR
Genesis garden EDEN
Get but good ZING
Geyser's emission STEAM
Holders of pirate treasures CHESTS
Infuriate ENRAGE
Ivy League school YALE
Jai ___ ALAI
January, in Juarez ENERO
Knitting or beadwork CRAFT
Kuwaiti leader EMIR
Land of leprechauns ERIN
Larceny THEFT
Like a ball retrieved by actor Jamie? FARRFETCHED
Clues Answers
Like clay molded by drummer Ringo? STARRSHAPED
Like folks cared for by former congressman Bob? BARRTENDED
Like funds gathered by singer Vikki? CARRPOOLED
Little Pigs' count THREE
Londoner or Liverpudlian, e.g. BRIT
Man of steel? CARNEGIE
Math class, in brief TRIG
Max of 'The Beverly Hillbillies' BAER
McEntire of country and western REBA
Modus operandi WAY
Naval affirmative AYEAYE
Not single-sex, as a school COED
Part of a judge's workload CASE
Patch up MEND
Path of a javelin ARC
Pistols and such SIDEARMS
Pollux's twin CASTOR
Quick job in a barbershop TRIM
Racetrack bet TRIFECTA
Screen siren West MAE
Short-term worker TEMP
Sporting blades EPEES
Sports 'zebras' REFS
Springsteen, to fans THEBOSS
Street urchin WAIF
Sword handle HAFT
Telephone sound RING
Texas battle site of 1836 ALAMO
The spit in a spit roast, e.g. ROTATOR
Upper hand EDGE
Use a swizzle stick STIR
Wedding site ALTAR
Welsh dog CORGI
When Romeo meets Juliet ACTI
Whichever ANY
White Monopoly bill ONE
Writer Wiesel ELIE
___ even keel ONAN