New York Times - Apr 23 1997

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Clues Answers
'Como ___ usted?' ESTA
'The Song of the Earth' composer MAHLER
'Want to hear a secret?' PSST
Actor Guinness ALEC
Actress Gia SCALA
Adventure hero ___ Williams REMO
Asset PLUS
Baa-maids? EWES
Bar assoc. member ATTY
Bar regulars, e.g. PATRONS
Barre room bend PLIE
Baseball's Jesus ALOU
Bring home EARN
Carafe quantity LITER
Chase of 'Now, Voyager' ILKA
Davis of 'Now, Voyager' BETTE
Deer sirs STAGS
Detector target LIAR
Deutsche article EINE
Diminutive suffix ETTE
Do a bartending job STIR
Drawing that's easy on the eyes PASTEL
Fictional hotel hellion ELOISE
Film director Wertmuller LINA
First-rate CHOICE
Fudge flavor MAPLE
Fur source OTTER
Gentle handling, initially TLC
Gin flavorers SLOES
Gospel's Jackson MAHALIA
Grateful? ASHES
Highly hackneyed BANAL
Ike's onetime singing partner TINA
In the poorhouse NEEDY
It may finish second ARY
It's tender in Turin LIRA
Jim at the bar BEAM
Kisser TRAP
Clues Answers
Lasting impression SCAR
Latest thing RAGE
Lawyer Roy COHN
Let have ALLOW
Lexicographer Partridge ERIC
Like a gemologist's drinks? ONTHEROCKS
Like a platform diver's drinks? WITHATWIST
Like a roofer's drinks? ONTHEHOUSE
Like an astronaut's drinks? STRAIGHTUP
Long Island town ISLIP
LP player HIFI
Luau entertainment HULA
Melville adventure TYPEE
Migrants' advocate Chavez CESAR
Miller beer option LITE
Mislay LOSE
Mistreats ILLUSES
Mt. Carmel site: Abbr. ISR
One who spikes the punch LACER
Sangria container PITCHER
Sans mixers NEAT
Scotch family CLAN
Seine feeder OISE
Skip over ELIDE
Song and dance, e.g. ARTS
Sparkling wine spot ASTI
Sprint rival MCI
Static ___ CLING
Tailward, on jets AFT
Treat with tea SCONE
TV's Hatcher TERI
Two semesters YEAR
Vestibule HALLWAY
Voting group BLOC
Word for a madame ELLE
Worker with a scythe REAPER
___ dicit (legal refusal) NIHIL