L.A. Times Daily - Apr 9 2007

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Clues Answers
"Boston Legal" fig. ATT
"Fine by me" ITSOK
"Get over here, Fido!" COME
"Idol" judge with Randy and Simon PAULA
"The Mountain, New Mexico" artist GEORGIAOKEEFFE
"There __ exceptions" ARENO
"You've got mail" addressee AOLER
39-Across writer POET
About when the plane lands, at LAX ETA
Actor's award OSCAR
Ali Baba thief count FORTY
All thumbs INEPT
Ancient Peruvians INCAS
Arrangement for free cocktails OPENBAR
Best of the hits TOPTEN
Black cats, to some OMENS
Bloodhound's asset NOSE
Bran substance FIBER
Brit. flying group RAF
Call attention (to) REFER
Calorie counter's deli request LEANCORNEDBEEF
Cease-fire TRUCE
Cheer for a matador OLE
Chicken-king connection ALA
Classic opening? NEO
Colorful cat CALICO
Communion site ALTAR
Dastardly guy CAD
Deem necessary SEEFIT
Despised HATED
Elegant sheet material SATIN
Elizabethan or Victorian ERA
Extramarital fling AFFAIR
Fielder's flub ERROR
Groupie FAN
Had a bite ATE
Hosp. trauma centers ERS
Clues Answers
Ignore one's lines ADLIB
In this place HERE
Kimono accessory OBI
Kind of lab dish PETRI
Like most potato chips SALTED
Listening organ EAR
Moved very fast SPED
Nebraska's largest city OMAHA
Odd ending? ITY
Pessimist's words ICANT
Pet pendant IDTAG
Photo __: publicity events OPS
Pleasing to the palate TASTY
Pocket bread PITA
Poke fun at TEASE
Pool stick CUE
Popular microwave popcorn ACTII
Quiet partner? PEACE
Released FREED
Romaine piece LETTUCELEAF
Routes less traveled BYROADS
Salon solution DYE
Sandwich meat HAM
Secret romantic meeting TRYST
Shaq of basketball ONEAL
Stephen King's "The Girl __ Loved Tom Gordon" WHO
Tie the knot in a secret spot ELOPE
To some degree, colloquially SORTA
Transparent, as stockings SHEER
Tributes in verse ODES
UFO occupants ETS
Valentine symbol HEART
Warning from a watchdog GRR
Wipe clean ERASE
X-rated stuff PORNO
__ & Noble BARNES
__ one's time: wait BIDE