- Nov 23 2014

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Clues Answers
''Already?'' SOSOON
''Calvin and Hobbes'' girl SUSIE
''Cosmos'' author SAGAN
''You bet'' YES
39 Down marsupial ROO
All keyed up EDGY
All keyed up AGOG
All keyed up ANTSY
All set READY
Annoys IRKS
As good as it gets TOPS
Awaken ROUSE
Basic French infinitive ETRE
Beckons CALLS
Beta preceder ALPHA
Bluefin and albacore TUNAS
Bohemian poet RILKE
Brake parts PADS
Breakfast beverage CUPOFCOFFEE
Breakfast side dish SAUSAGELINKS
British blueblood EARL
Busy place HIVE
Caesarean rebuke ETTU
Casual wear LEVIS
Chain of hills RIDGE
Charlemagne's domain: Abbr HRE
Choreographer Alvin AILEY
Chow-mein bit BAMBOOSHOOT
Christmas season NOEL
Clean Water Act agcy EPA
Cold War adversary USSR
Colgate competitor ORALB
Comp for a high roller FREEMEAL
Considerably ALOT
Coper's comment IGETBY
Could possibly MIGHT
Declare untrue DENY
Defeats soundly DRUBS
Destroy gradually ERODE
Digital image format JPEG
Director Brooks MEL
Discover, as a solution HITON
Dog-powered vehicles SLEDS
Drink garnish LEMONWEDGE
Eeyore creator MILNE
Emphatic denial NONO
Encourage SPUR
Exeter elevators LIFTS
Expurgate BLEEP
Father of Zeus CRONUS
Feel poorly AIL
Fiasco BOMB
Football infractions OFFSIDES
Forrest Gump pal BUBBA
Forrest Gump portrayer HANKS
Gain altitude ASCEND
General pardon AMNESTY
Genetic attribute TRAIT
Glossy fabric SATEEN
Halloween haul CANDY
Hamlet, for one DANE
Hawaiian farewell ALOHA
Headquartered BASED
Healthful snacks APPLECHIPS
Hearty entrées ROUNDSTEAKS
HST successor DDE
Huffs and puffs PANTS
Impersonated APED
Clues Answers
Inflexible RIGID
Lean back RECLINE
Leaves in a hurry BOLTS
Like navel oranges SEEDLESS
Loyal subject LIEGE
Luau instrument UKE
Lunch often served with toothpicks CLUBSANDWICH
Make haste HIE
Make visible DISPLAY
Manuscript changes EDITS
Manuscript sheet FOLIO
May 8, 1945 VEDAY
Mediterranean bread PITA
Mends with thread SEWS
Meryl Streep alma mater YALE
Mexican marinade ADOBO
Mild oath of old EGAD
Modern music holder IPOD
Motored RODE
Mustard variety DIJON
Nasal passage SINUS
NBC legal series that won 15 Emmys LALAW
Nickname for Dallas BIGD
Not busy IDLE
Numbered rd RTE
Parody SPOOF
Pine Tree State MAINE
Poker holdings HANDS
Pop singer Furtado NELLY
Praise highly EXALT
Prefix for physics ASTRO
Prehistoric instrument STONEAX
Pyramids, essentially TOMBS
Quit trying BAGIT
Raggedy doll ANN
Ran in the wash BLED
Rapper who won an Oscar EMINEM
Raptor's claw TALON
Razor-billed birds AUKS
Relax in the tub SOAK
Roman 905 CMV
See 60 Down CLAUS
Servings from a Bundt pan CAKESLICES
Sharers of quarters ROOMIES
She might be beside herself CLONE
Social grace TACT
Sound displeased GROAN
Sounds displeased GROWLS
Source of shade TREE
Spheroid sweets DONUTHOLES
Spinach, lettuce, etc SALADGREENS
States further ADDS
Statistician Silver NATE
Storied spirit GENIE
Stray calf DOGIE
Strong adhesive EPOXY
Suffix for serpent INE
Swiss money FRANC
Toothpaste-endorsing org ADA
Undulate ROLL
Urban woe SMOG
Varieties ILKS
Walk in ENTER
Where ''Otello'' premiered LASCALA
Where Curiosity roves MARS
With 66 Down, not-so-frequent flier SANTA
With whimsy DROLLY
Xylophone cousins MARIMBAS
Yellowish brown TAWNY
Young horse FOAL
__ Romeo (Italian auto) ALFA