New York Times - Nov 23 2014

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Clues Answers
$5 picture LINCOLN
'A poem in our eyes,' per Emerson AMERICA
'Black Swan' director Aronofsky DARREN
'Bugsy Malone' star Scott BAIO
'Cubist' Rubik ERNO
'Into the Wild' star Hirsch EMILE
'It's a pity' ALAS
'Outside the Lines' broadcaster ESPN
'Paradise Lost' figure EVE
'Rent' character ___ Marquez MIMI
'That's amazing!' NEATO
'You'll be ___!' SORRY
'___ and Basie!' (1963 jazz album) ELLA
1965 Johnny Mathis album of Latin American music OLE
2006 World Cup winner ITALY
A.C.C. school FSU
Abound TEEM
Aeronaut who's headed for the moon? LUNARBALLOONER
Age of Aquarius hairstyle AFRO
Amenity in a G.M. vehicle ONSTAR
Animal that may carry its baby on its back KOALA
Applicability USE
Arm of the sea TENTACLE
Babe in the woods BAMBI
Bad choice on first down PUNT
Become invalid EXPIRE
Blast furnace input ORE
Boon for an investigative journalist LEAK
Briggs & ___ (engine maker) STRATTON
Bronchial woe ASTHMA
C.P.A.'s study ECON
Candy from Austria PEZ
Canned food you don't eat ALPO
Chinese company whose 2014 I.P.O. was the world's largest in history ALIBABA
Communicate with the server, perhaps ORDER
Compete in the Winter Games, say SKI
D.C. transport METRO
Dark horse BAY
Dashboard abbr RPM
Desktop machine made of malleable metal? PEWTERCOMPUTER
Dinero unit PESO
Doctrine ISM
Drift off NOD
Drops out of the sky RAIN
Earnest request ENTREATY
Eddie ___, 'Leave It to Beaver' boy HASKELL
Excommunication provocation HERESY
Expander during inhalation RIBCAGE
Farm name ender ACRES
Feed supplier TWITTER
Fellow sailors MATEYS
First Nations tribe CREE
First of 50: Abbr DEL
Five-time Jockey Club Gold Cup winner KELSO
Gender-neutral pronoun ONE
Gentle bird call COO
George Eliot, but not Marilyn Manson WOMAN
Go astray ERR
Gourmand's want MORE
Groused MOANED
Have an encore presentation of REAIR
Headmaster honorific SIR
Hear again RETRY
Hybrid animal MULE
In readiness ONICE
It borders five U.S. states ONTARIO
It may be open at a bar MIC
Jessica Simpson's sister ASHLEE
Clues Answers
Jim Beam and Wild Turkey RYES
Kia model RIO
Lassie's affliction after failing to rescue Timmy? COLLIEMELANCHOLY
Last name in horror KRUEGER
Lead one to believe IMPLY
Like audiences for R-rated films MATURE
Like some restrictions DIETARY
Little pitcher's place SANDLOT
Lose strength WANE
Media exec Moonves LES
Medieval battle weapon AXE
Moves obliquely SIDLES
No longer standing tall? MOWN
Norway's patron saint OLAV
Not just see RAISE
Nyasaland, today MALAWI
Office missive sent out arbitrarily? RANDOMMEMORANDUM
Once-high station? MIR
One getting a licking, informally? LOLLY
Org. that prepares tables IRS
Oscar nominee for 'Silkwood' CHER
Palindromic animal EWE
Parody APE
Pentagon Papers subject, for short NAM
Photographers who stalk future lieutenants? ROTCPAPARAZZI
Plane, e.g TOOL
Played along with HUMORED
Possessor? DEMON
Poverty relief organization OXFAM
Problem of mistaken identity MIXUP
Provides some idea of an object's size? MENTIONSDIMENSIONS
Reacted to a shock, maybe PALED
Reformer from the time of D.D.E. to L.B.J MLK
Reputation, informally CRED
Require balm, say CHAP
Retail clerk's accessory NAMETAG
Retirement period OLDAGE
Singer ___ Marie TEENA
Snowbelt city ERIE
Some Veterans Day honorees, for short MIAS
Source of the word 'galore' IRISH
South American capital ASUNCION
Stickers? CACTI
Streak ZOOM
Student's burden LOAN
Subsist ARE
Suffix with land or sea SCAPE
Sunset shade RED
Support for a proposal? KNEE
Tailor's sideline? SEAM
The Pequod, e.g WHALER
Thurman of 'The Producers' UMA
Tinseltown event PREMIERE
To be, to Balzac ETRE
Tommy Lasorda's jersey number TWO
Turkey's place, in large part ASIA
Turn while seated SWIVEL
Unforthcoming COY
Was in session SAT
What doesn't come full circle? ARC
What Gustave Doré's 'The Confusion of Tongues' depicts BABEL
What some dreams and themes do RECUR
Whistle prompters FOULS
Wind up RILE
Wireless? ACOUSTIC
Work hard TOIL
___ avis RARA
___ mining DATA