New York Times - Nov 19 2014

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Clues Answers
'Cowboy and the Senorita,' e.g OATER
'Family Ties' mother ELYSE
'Fire away!' ASK
'Heads ___, tails ...' IWIN
'In the red,' e.g IDIOM
'Silkwood' screenwriter NORAEPHRON
'You're all ___ got' IVE
A Katzenjammer kid HANS
Aardvark's morsel ANT
Act badly, in a way EMOTE
Adopt-a-thon adoptee PET
Archipelago makeup ISLES
At attention ERECT
Bard's preposition ERE
Be wild for ADORE
Big wheel VIP
Bit of dinero PESO
Buffalo ___ WING
Canon offering EOS
Car wash machine WAXER
Carpentry peg DOWEL
Clerical nickname REV
Cold sufferer's drink HOTTEA
Come to mind OCCUR
Contest with seconds DUEL
Convention outcome NOMINATION
Cuisine in which 'phat mama' is a noodle dish THAI
Czar's edict UKASE
Dirty looks? LEERS
Discharge letters? TNT
Dots on a map TOWNS
Elitist SNOB
Factor in club selection LIE
Fritter away WASTE
Gaelic 'Gee!' OCH
Gaelic tongue ERSE
IBM-compatibles, e.g PCS
Instrument in the painting 'The Spirit of '76' FIFE
Instrument with sympathetic strings SITAR
Clues Answers
It has a reciprocal function SINE
It might go away for the summer ICE
Jotted down NOTED
Krupp Works city ESSEN
Last Oldsmobile ALERO
Like a 'before' versus 'after' photo subject, say FATTER
Like a new recruit RAW
Like Advil vis-à-vis Vicodin NONPRESCRIPTION
Little pain in the you-know-where IMP
Lower one's A.P.R., perhaps REFI
Make darts, say SEW
Mormon's obligation TITHE
NAFTA signatory: Abbr MEX
Nestlé ___ Caps SNO
Noodle dish RAMEN
Not so iffy SURER
One headed for Ellis Island, say EMIGRANT
One in knickers LAD
Patterned after ALA
Presto or largo TEMPO
Prosciutto and others HAMS
Raise, as Old Glory HOIST
Record store section OPERA
Rug rat TOT
Self-proclaimed leader of ISIS, e.g CALIPH
Something a seismograph picks up TREMOR
Stephen of 'Citizen X' REA
Tierney of 'ER' MAURA
Took a spin DROVE
Tropicana Field site, informally STPETE
Urge forward IMPEL
Where the Joads were driven from OKLAHOMA
With 64-Across, words of certainty ... or a hint to 23-, 40- and 56-Across THERESNOTWO
___ Croft (Angelina Jolie role) LARA
___ dragon (huge lizard) KOMODO
___ polloi HOI
___ tag LASER
___-dieu PRIE