Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Nov 27 2014

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Clues Answers
'FamilyGuy' daughter MEG
Admonition to Nanette NONO
and wherefores WHYS
At one's and call BECK
Beige ECRU
Bobby of hockey lore ORR
Bonfire residue ASH
Canines' canines DOGTEETH
Cariou of Broadway LEN
Coffeehouse vessel URN
Cold season WINTER
Colored HUED
Comestibles GRUB
Computer key ESC
Counterfeit SHAM
Court WOO
Cross ROOD
Crucial experiment ACIDTEST
Cushion PAD
Door decoration WREATH
Duel tool EPEE
Earlier AGO
Entrance DOOR
February forecast SNOW
Frank and beans together? CHILIDOG
Frost HOAR
Gaucho's lariat BOLA
Gift-tag word TO
Go sightseeing TOUR
Initial stake ANTE
Isolated hills BUTTES
Clues Answers
Last few notes CODA
Last letter ZEE
Leading man? ADAM
Lessens ABATES
Living burglar alarm? WATCHDOG
Lotion additive ALOE
Manage COPE
Nintendo Super NES
Of course YES
Ohio nine REDS
Periodicals, for short MAGS
Pirouette pivot TOE
Place for Fido DOGHOUSE
Powell co-star LOY
Proclamations EDICTS
Punk rocker's hairdo, often MOHAWK
Raw minerals ORES
Sheepish remark BAA
Stick with a kick TNT
Strong desire URGE
Submachine gun UZI
Swearword OATH
Ten-year period DECADE
Therefore SO
Time of your life? AGE
Unwanted email SPAM
Vast expanse SEA
Vegas-based TV drama CSI
Wielded a trowel DUG
Wildebeest GNU
Wildly excited AGOG
Without thinking UNWISELY