Universal - Apr 1 2007

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Clues Answers
''Evangeline'' setting ACADIA
''Jack Sprat could ___ fat'' EATNO
''Make ___ double'' ITA
A bit of superiority EDGE
A Catholic sacrament PENANCE
Aesop's output FABLE
Age many can hardly wait for TWENTYONE
Agreed, in a way NODDED
An Alfred Hitchcock film appearance, e.g. CAMEO
Anacin alternative ALEVE
At the top of the Mohs scale HARDEST
Atypical RARE
Beauticians, sometimes DYERS
Before, to an odist ERE
Beginning for tend or text PRE
Big game, briefly RHINO
Blinds, as a bird of prey SEELS
Burn slightly SINGE
Butterfingers' word OOPS
Change a bill AMEND
Chicken order, sometimes LEG
Count conclusion? ESS
Desert nomad SARACEN
Does a thespian's job ACTS
Ear anagram ARE
Entertains with fine food and drink, e.g. REGALES
Escalator part STEP
Fairy tale monsters OGRES
First X TIC
Frontiersman of knife fame BOWIE
Funeral conflagrations PYRES
Gambler's game, perhaps BLACKJACK
Gambler's game, perhaps DRAWPOKER
Gateway to a logon, for some AOL
Gem set by itself SOLITAIRE
Get together UNITE
Goes up and down SEESAWS
Grenoble-to-Dijon dir. NNW
Gumbo vegetable OKRA
Clues Answers
H.S.T. successor DDE
Hairdresser's forte STYLE
Half of a TV transmission AUDIO
Highest musical note of yesteryear ELA
It could lead to something big SEED
Its name means ''Eastern capital'' TOKYO
Kind of trader DAY
Los Angeles area WATTS
Make books into movies, e.g. ADAPT
Martin's ''That's ___'' AMORE
Modern recording devices TIVOS
Moronic beginning OXY
Omit in pronunciation ELIDE
One with at least one below? BOSS
One-masted sailboat SLOOP
Oriental appetizer EGGROLL
Pencil-box accessory RULER
Percussive dance TAP
Photo mishap REDEYE
Plunderer's take SWAG
Prefix meaning distant TEL
Prefix meaning sun HELIO
Pugilism org. WBA
Sidewalk amusement (with ''show'') RAREE
Some skating moves AXELS
Spanish title of respect SENOR
Staff symbol CLEF
They may be heaved SIGHS
Toast topping JAM
Toga party venue, sometimes FRAT
Traditional saying ADAGE
Twosomes DUOS
Type of betting, briefly OTB
Wanders idly TRAIPSES
Was in need of LACKED
Wild and menacing FERAL
Word often heard in triplicate RAH
Words exchanged with love IDO
Wrestlers' maneuvers TOEHOLDS