- Nov 13 2014

Clues Answers
''Glamour'' competitor ELLE
''Sea shells'' miss of rhyme SHE
''Sea shells'' miss of rhyme SELLER
''Stubborn'' guy CUSS
Abbr. like ''Mlle.'' SRTA
Ancient Mexican AZTEC
Apparel GARB
Aristocratic title EARL
Audio downloads PODCASTS
Base-running term TAGUP
Certain retiree's title EMERITUS
Cocktail garnish PEEL
Compote ingredients PEARS
Conclusion preceder, perhaps ERGO
Crude cartel OPEC
Either of the Apple founders STEVE
Erstwhile anesthetic ETHER
Expenditure COST
Falling-out RIFT
Far beyond confident SMUG
Forced absence EXILE
Former Boston Symphony leader OZAWA
Frat letters ETAS
Garden lattice TRELLIS
Gas co., for one UTIL
Gawk at OGLE
German article EIN
Heaviest noble gas RADON
Hua predecessor MAO
Jason Bourne employer CIA
Lei Day feasts LUAUS
Letters on motor-oil cans SAE
Lost altitude SANK
Main, as a route ARTERIAL
Meeting of rds JCT
Melodic sense EAR
Moistureless DRY
Monogram of Jekyll's creator RLS
Clues Answers
Moves on a screen SCROLLS
Mythical master of Sirius ORION
Obstetric test, for short AMNIO
Official symbol SEAL
On the nose EXACT
One of Agatha's sleuths JANE
Oodles TONS
Ordinances LAWS
Oscar winner's stand-in ACCEPTER
Palm reader SEER
Petty officers, for short BOSNS
Princes of India RAJAS
Profound respect AWE
Rarely seen bills TWOS
Rink leap AXEL
Road-sign warning SLO
Robin Hood's hangout FOREST
Rockies grazer ELK
Roman statesman CATO
Rugged vehicle JEEP
Scheming group CABAL
See 40 Across ISLANDS
Sextet in a fl. oz TSPS
Shaped like gelcaps OBLONG
Shirtmaker's measurement SLEEVE
Slip up ERR
Some art studios LOFTS
Some whistle blowers REFS
Stock up on AMASS
Suitable for all UNISEX
Suitor BEAU
They can't decide FENCESTRADDLERS
Throw a tantrum RAGE
Toddler, so to speak RUGRAT
Toss about STREW
Tough travels SLOGS
With 42 Across, coastal storm mitigators BARRIER
Writer Rand AYN