Universal - Nov 9 2014

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Clues Answers
"Acid," briefly LSD
"Allegro ___" (very fast) ASSAI
"Beat it!" SHOO
"Boola Boola" singer ELI
"Polly" follower WOG
"There's no ___ thing!" SUCH
African fly TSETSE
Again ANEW
All you can carry ARMLOAD
American broadcaster CBS
An anagram for "staple" PASTEL
Asian language THAI
Assn. or org., e.g ABBR
Autocrat until 1917 (Var.) TSAR
Because SINCE
Beginning of a conclusion HENCE
Bird whose male hatches the eggs RHEA
Bit of ingenuity GIMMICK
Brooks of "The Producers" MEL
Building or constructing ERECTING
Can't stand ABHOR
Caribbean, e.g SEA
Change the decor REDO
Charge FEE
Clique's attitude ELITISM
Come about BEFALL
Conventions USAGES
Crowned heads MONARCHS
Dada founder ARP
Debussy's "La ___" MER
Deficit indicator REDINK
E or G, in music KEY
End of the year, for some ELUL
English assignment THEME
Fire fragment EMBER
First-born, compared to the others ELDEST
Frat letter RHO
Genetic material (Abbr.) RNA
Grammy-winning British vocalist ADELE
Clues Answers
Harry's first lady BESS
Help out AID
Hypnotist's command SLEEP
Interlace flowers in a circle WREATHE
It may get into a jamb DOOR
Kind of park TRAILER
Lacked, briefly HADNT
Lemonlike fruit CITRONS
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Like a rainbow ARCED
Long, long time AGES
Mai ___ (rum drink) TAI
Mashed, as oranges PULPED
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano) KEA
More healthy HALER
Mr., in India SRI
Munro's nom de plume SAKI
Not in drive or reverse IDLE
One sib SIS
Oracle site DELPHI
Plied the oars ROWED
Postal creed conjunction NOR
Ring bearer, often EAR
Royal crowns DIADEMS
Slow-moving boats ARKS
Some contain treasure SHIPWRECKS
Stop associating with SENDPACKING
Type of support TECH
USSR's successor CIS
Wanda of comedy SYKES
Warner Bros. creation TOON
Wears well LASTS
What vines do ENTWINE
Word with "beam" or "blow" LOW
You may get its stamp of approval POSTOFFICE
Your email account has one ADDRESSBOOK
Ziti, e.g PASTA
Zoo heavyweight, briefly RHINO
___ Jones index DOW