Universal - Mar 28 2007

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Clues Answers
''Honest'' president ABE
''No ifs, ___ or buts!'' ANDS
''___ Got You Under My Skin'' IVE
''___ Leroy'' (Frances E. W. Harper novel) IOLA
''___ we all?'' ARENT
A way to conjoin WELD
AAA specialty TOW
Able to accomplish a purpose EFFECTIVE
Airplane measure WINGSPAN
Ambulance chaser's advice SUE
An ocelot has lots SPOTS
An organic compound ENOL
Ballyhoo TOUT
Barbecue offering SLAW
Big Apple river EAST
Big name in petroleum, once AMOCO
Bone anagram EBON
Bra size CCUP
Caron film of '53 LILI
Cause of yawning ENNUI
Chinese weight units TAELS
Classic prefix NEO
Common volcanic rock BASALT
Devout insect? MANTIS
Disney film featuring twins THEPARENTTRAP
Eccentric oldster COOT
Egyptian peninsula SINAI
Exceedingly VERY
Female singing voice ALTO
First Cartesian RENE
Forebodings OMENS
Get an ___ effort EFOR
Get ready to fire AIM
Got some shut-eye SLEPT
Hirsute lock TRESS
Historian's concern PAST
Hood's weapon ARROW
It ultimately loses its head BEER
Clues Answers
Jr. and sr., for two YRS
Lawn game (Var.) BOCCI
Leaf shapes used decoratively PALMETTES
Light color? RED
Lightning attractor ROD
Lou Diamond Phillips film of '88 STANDANDDELIVER
Make imperfect MAR
Meadow LEA
Meaningful silence PREGNANTPAUSE
Mollusk shell material NACRE
Mortarboard danglers TASSELS
Musical ''Joey'' PAL
Mythical ship of literature ARGO
Opera highlight ARIA
Outcasts PARIAHS
Petty quarrel SPAT
Pitcher by the sink EWER
Plants with healing properties ALOES
Poker winnings POT
Put a stop to ENDED
Resort with a mineral spring SPA
Rural mail delivery services, once RFDS
Sign of the zodiac LIBRA
Site of 1988 Olympics SEOUL
Some woodwinds OBOES
Start of a kindergarten song ABC
Strapped for cash SHORT
The ___ (Netherlands city) HAGUE
There may be a fracture inside CAST
They'll give you a bleating EWES
To that time UNTIL
Type of code or colony PENAL
Type of studio ART
Use a divining rod DOWSE
Vice ___ VERSA
Wandered about ROVED
Word with way or well STAIR