- Oct 29 2014

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Clues Answers
''Gone With the Wind'' home TARA
''Talk turkey,'' e.g IDIOM
''That's gross!'' ICK
''__ see it my way . . .'' TRYTO
Ahead by a point ONEUP
All thumbs INEPT
Altar assent IDO
Backspace over ERASE
Battery terminals ANODES
Biceps' place ARM
Bloke CHAP
Bowls over AWES
Boyfriend BEAU
Brings to mind EVOKES
Chauffeured car LIMO
Chew out SCOLD
Circle dance HORA
Compass part NEEDLE
Country songfests HOOTENANNIES
Couric of TV KATIE
Elevator passageway SHAFT
Far from congenial ICY
Fiascoes BOMBS
Filming device, for short CAM
Final chapter END
Finalize, as a cartoon INKIN
Fit snugly NEST
Fortunate LUCKY
Genesis ship ARK
Gets mileage from USES
Hoisting apparatus CRANE
Isolate during winter ICEIN
Keep away from EVADE
Lobster eaters' wear BIBS
Manufacture MAKE
Meadowlike GRASSY
Metallic man ROBOT
New-pedometer readout ZEROES
Clues Answers
Nickname for Ireland ERIN
Nonprescription: Abbr OTC
Not as tidy MESSIER
Not yet scheduled: Abbr TBA
Nothing more than ONLY
Peter of ''Casablanca'' LORRE
Physicians' org AMA
Planetarium view SKY
Poorly made CHEESY
Precious stone GEM
Pretentious ARTY
Rent payer TENANT
Rock star, e.g IDOL
Ross of the Supremes DIANA
Salespersons, for short REPS
Saloon instruments HONKYTONKPIANOS
School signals BELLS
Science workshop LAB
See the point of GET
Sherbet flavor LEMON
Showy perennial DAHLIA
Sign of hunger PANG
Smooth-talking SLICK
Spectator's protests BOOS
Stare at OGLE
To this point ASYET
Trace of color TINGE
Triplet in ''mommy'' EMS
Underground drain SEWER
Unruly group HORDE
Untidy person SLOB
Urban rec centers YMCAS
Utter nonsense BILGE
Voice of an iPhone SIRI
Went by bus or bike RODE
When morning ends NOON
Woody Allen ''mockumentary'' ZELIG
Workweek ends for many FRIDAYS
Zodiac sign with horns ARIES