L.A. Times Daily - Oct 27 2014

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Clues Answers
"... my way" ASILIKE
"Drive faster!" STEPONIT
"Like a Prayer" singer MADONNA
"Today" anchor-at-large Curry ANN
"__ Kane": Welles film CITIZEN
Actor Stephen REA
Banking convenience, briefly ATM
Banned fruit spray ALAR
Bert, to Ernie PAL
Blender speed WHIP
British sports cars MGS
Charing Cross and Abbey: Abbr RDS
Christian of couture DIOR
Cigar with open, untapered ends CHEROOT
City near Tulsa ENID
Comedian Margaret CHO
Connecticut Ivy YALE
Contribute ADD
Cooperative picnic running contest THREELEGGEDRACE
Dashboard prefix with meter ODO
Divide into shares ALLOT
Droopy-faced hounds BASSETS
Dutch cheese EDAM
Earth tone ECRU
Easy to grasp CLEAR
Eyeglasses glass LENS
Fez danglers TASSELS
Flat panel TV component LCD
Fleur-de-__ LIS
Foldable self-cooling device FAN
Forest female DOE
Formal "Me neither" NORI
Formal agreement PACT
Former Air France jet, briefly SST
Freezer cubes ICE
French summers ETES
From __ to riches RAGS
Clues Answers
Game involving eight knights FOURHANDEDCHESS
Head of the manor LORD
Hooting bird OWL
Hot off the press NEW
In 2014, it fell on September 1 LABORDAY
Indian prince RAJAH
Intense fear TERROR
Log home CABIN
Looked when you shouldn't have PEEKED
Loser to the tortoise HARE
Massive group HORDE
Nailed, as a test ACED
Novelty item whose user always wins a coin toss TWOHEADEDNICKEL
NYC subway org MTA
Opinions VIEWS
Org. auditing 1040s IRS
Perturbed UPSET
Prefix with physics META
Round Table knight GALAHAD
Run the country GOVERN
Scratch into glass, e.g ETCH
Sign of a changed test answer ERASURE
Slightly ATRIFLE
Small stream CREEK
Snoopy, when he's wearing shades JOECOOL
Sound from a Guernsey MOO
Strikes lightly TAPSON
Suffix with formal or custom IZE
Tibet's continent ASIA
TKO signaler REF
Train schedule abbr ETA
Twice five TEN
Understand SEE
Weddings, e.g RITES
Work on a hem, say SEW
Writing tablet PAD
__ Gay: WWII bomber ENOLA
__ Speed Wagon: classic truck REO