The Guardian - Quick crossword No 13,872 - Oct 24 2014

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Clues Answers
Alpine state of Austria TYROL
Dagger with a narrow blade STILETTO
Damages — planet MARS
French queen, d.1793 MARIE
Friendly WARM
Garment (worn by the one in control?) TROUSERS
Hard of hearing DEAF
Kick high in the air LOFT
Kitchen strainer COLANDER
Long distance — disappointing disparity FARCRY
Murder DOIN
Clues Answers
Not long ago THEOTHERDAY
Partnership in wrongdoing COMPLICITY
Peregrinate ROAM
Prominent spiral part of a screw THREAD
Remove an obstruction from UNBLOCK
Resolute DEADSET
Rough, prickly shrub BRAMBLE
Spectators CROWD
Subatomic particle MESON
Vainglorious BOASTFUL