Irish Times (Simplex) - Oct 16 2014

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Clues Answers
21 shillings in old money GUINEA
A country's principal as opposed to its islands MAINLAND
Advanced in years ELDERLY
Anglers' spool REEL
Astonished AMAZED
Austrian composer SCHUBERT
Beginning to exist, in an early stage INCIPIENT
Bony framework SKELETON
Bundles of fibres in the body NERVES
Cab lit up the sea BALTIC
Conductors for transmitting electricity CABLES
Draw out, evoke ELICIT
Drink alcohol IMBIBE
Frightened SCARED
Haphazard, no fixed pattern RANDOM
Hoarfrost RIME
Humankind PEOPLE
Idealistic but usually impractical UTOPIAN
Clues Answers
In addition ALSO
Italian mister SIGNOR
Layered sedimentary rock SHALE
Legendary island sought by Ulysses ITHACA
Long thin pieces of cloth or paper TAPES
Mechanical plunger PISTON
Most offensively curious NOSIEST
Nepalese soldier in the British army GURKHA
Not subject to the normal consequences IMPUNITY
One represents clients in court BARRISTER
Placing in a grave INTERRING
Points where lines intersect ANGLES
Porch along the outside of a building VERANDA
Religious or commemorative pin MEDAL
Simply, only MERE
Sleeveless garment WAISTCOAT
Undergo a change BECOME
Walk leisurely AMBLE