L.A. Times Daily - Oct 15 2014

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Clues Answers
"Cream of" serving SOUP
"For the Game. For the World" sports org FIFA
"Good Morning America" co-anchor Spencer LARA
"If you don't mind ...?" MAYI
"Just in case" strategy, and a hint to a hidden letter sequence in 17-, 24-, 37- and 52-Across BACKUPPLAN
"Just like I said!" SEE
"Supposing ..." LETSSAY
"The Big Bang Theory" star JIMPARSONS
"The Lion King" queen NALA
"Well, of course!" DUH
"What?" HUH
"__ Free": Minute Maid spec PULP
10-Down, e.g ACTOR
Accident scene figs EMTS
Ambient music innovator Brian ENO
Animal that can learn limited sign language CHIMP
Anti vote NAY
Antique OLD
Badlands or Death Valley NATIONALPARK
Baltimore Ravens mascot POE
Barely open AJAR
Big brass TUBA
Bricks-and-mortar workers MASONS
Brouhaha ADO
Bypasses, as online ads SKIPS
Cal.-to-Fla. route ITEN
Cézanne's one UNE
Clinking words HERESTOYOU
Concert souvenirs TEES
Designates NAMES
DSL offerer ISP
Fictional Sicilian town in a Hersey novel ADANO
First-aid aid KIT
Fit to be tied ANGRY
Graduation flier CAP
Hammer head PEEN
Hannity of talk radio SEAN
Hits a high fly, in baseball lingo SKIES
Clues Answers
Invisible vibes AURAE
Kmart section AISLE
Last Olds model ALERO
Loud noise BANG
Malibu mover GAS
Milk: Pref LACTO
Mouse catcher TRAP
Nile Valley danger ASP
OS X-using computer IMAC
Overplay the part EMOTE
Pave the way for ENABLE
Peace, in Arabic SALAAM
Pedometer button RESET
Place in order SORT
Project windup FINALPHASE
Romance writer Roberts NORA
Rowlands of "Hope Floats" GENA
Scallion kin ONION
Slaughter with 2,383 career hits ENOS
Storytelling nom de plume SAKI
Strings for Orpheus LYRE
Subject of an antique auto owner's quest ORIGINALPART
Tabriz citizen IRANI
Take it easy REST
Take turns? STEER
Tell tales FIB
Three-toed bird RHEA
Tiny parasites LICE
Tolkien tree giants ENTS
Vulgar language? LATIN
Walk with effort SLOG
Washington Wizards' org NBA
Watch closely PEERAT
Wheaties box figure ATHLETE
Winter air CAROL
Words while anteing IMIN
Yard sale? ALE